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Exercise your brain with this great collection of logic games and puzzles. Some games have a time limit but still require thoughtful strategies to win, and some games you can take your time and ponder your moves for hours, but either way it's going to take more than fast fingers to beat untangle these games. May the smartest gamer win.

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Mahjong Dark Dimensions

Mahjong Connect

Mahjongg Toy Chest

Marble Motion


Word Chaos

Pooch Blocks


Cubic Disturbance

Magic Tiles Adventure



Cubis 2 Morph-Fun



Mahjong Connect

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Arcade Boss Games Activities Best Player Highscores
<i>Play</i> iWar
Play iWar (3,534)

Mighty Mac played last

<i>Play</i> Wooden Pieces
Play Wooden Pieces (3,540)

Oscar50 played last

<i>Play</i> Marching Zombies
Play Marching Zombies (4,332)

AoiKimi played last

<i>Play</i> Orange Gravity 2
Play Orange Gravity 2 (4,728)

DeniedAccess played last

<i>Play</i> Toon Clix
Play Toon Clix (8,244)

smokey6661 played last

This arcade game has honor medals
<i>Play</i> Connect Monsters 2
Play Connect Monsters 2 (6,006)

grimm68 played last

<i>Play</i> Gem Fusion
Play Gem Fusion (6,564)

Tuatha played last

<i>Play</i> Bristlies Players Pack
Play Bristlies Players Pack (3,396)

smokey6661 played last

<i>Play</i> Tower Builder
Play Tower Builder (7,362)

Mighty Mac played last

<i>Play</i> Binkos
Play Binkos (4,494)

akeo played last

This arcade game has honor medals
<i>Play</i> Bots And Blocks
Play Bots And Blocks (4,236)

grimm68 played last

<i>Play</i> Bubble Domination
Play Bubble Domination (5,748)

oldschool90 played last

This arcade game has honor medals
<i>Play</i> Living Dead Tower Defense
Play Living Dead Tower Defense (7,926)

Tuatha played last

<i>Play</i> Connect Monsters
Play Connect Monsters (4,890)

Mimeke played last

<i>Play</i> Killheads Match
Play Killheads Match (4,422)

smokey6661 played last

<i>Play</i> Street Art Clix
Play Street Art Clix (3,774)

*STAR* played last

This arcade game has honor medals
<i>Play</i> Minesweeper: Classic
Play Minesweeper: Classic (4,176)

giraffant played last

<i>Play</i> Rock Rush
Play Rock Rush (4,134)

123hotdog played last

<i>Play</i> Super Defence
Play Super Defence (3,342)

Julie played last

<i>Play</i> Rebuild
Play Rebuild (3,288)

Mighty Mac played last

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Arcade Boss Games » Arcade » Strategy Games & Puzzles

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