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 Heli Attack 2 
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Heli Attack 2

See full instructions inside Heli Attack 2 arcade game.

Play Heli Attack 2 Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
54,074 Plays   3.8 (27 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 16,174
All-Time Highscore: 94,217.3478

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Recent play by bidc.


Comments about Heli Attack 2:

Pretty fun game, fairly easy gold to achieve. Make use of the weapons, go to the big flat area in the middle, and simply double jump back and forth. By running back and forth and double jumping it makes much bigger gaps in the heli's bullets. Just an endurance game, I destroyed 170 heli's for 50k. Just look after your health, and P for pause if you want a break.-White-Wolf-

I like the game but i always get lowscoreschampion

Very addicting. really run, favorite game on herenegator

What an addicting game! Lots of different weapons give you something to look forward to after each heli. Must've been a great game to have had sequels!! I can see why! 5/5Sleep_Hurts

How come the pilots don't have parachutes but the powerups somehow do?Ernie

I wish the movement of the character was a little bit quicker like the army lad in Heli3. Although, it's a good game if you don't get sick of looking at helicopters.Blackyboo

geat game it is really adictivethe young one

I LOVE THIS GAMEthe young one

Oh, I see how they submit your score; they must divide by a HUNDRED before they submit it!garyoak99



I LOVE THIS GAMEthe young one

GREAT GAMEthe young one

I LOVE THIS GAMEthe young one

great gamethe young one

This game is addicting!!! Ahahah. Just entered the competition. Came in 5th place the 3rd time I played it. I like Heli Attack 2 I think I am going for 1st place.Remiel

Heli Attack 2 is awesomeajdin16

i hate Heli Attack 2angel#1

yea it isfrank

Heli Attack 2 is the bestchocaltethunder

Heli Attack 2 is so funchocaltethunder

This game is extremely addicting. Very fun. My favorite game on this entire web site. signed ,lubbsieLubbsie

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