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 Sonic Chaos Crush 
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Sonic Chaos Crush

See full instructions inside Sonic Chaos Crush arcade game.

Play Sonic Chaos Crush Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
140,940 Plays   4.4 (43 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 156,450
All-Time Highscore: 989,220

Recent play by Bafusa.


Comments about Sonic Chaos Crush:

i got 3rd yaykingdom hearts wolf

How do you get 989,000 on Sonic Chaos Crush anyways? I had the ball going pretty fast and I only got just over 100,000.Stubyone

this is one good game the best one i played so im glad to have the high score of the month and thank you!SPEEDRIDERDRIFT

like thiswysamx

Cool game i completed it with 3 lives left on my 1st attempt.worth a play.good to see sonic in a different game set.DGG

Awesome!I love sonic,shadow,and silver's attack!(Sonic...Boom!) :)athomas2

I got to level 7 with my sister anoying me. 4th placef1remar10

i like sonic coz he is so fast i like shadow coz he has guns and rides a motor bike and i like silver coz he has telekinetic powers and he can levitatedragonz95

Yeah i it was goodgrimavenger22

This is a cool game, sure to please those who are bored, have time on their hands. or is just up for some fun!Sceinic

i got to 54564954648dxboy173

watth helldxboy173

Yizzir!!! 730,890 is mine!!! ....i'm comin back later for the all time high score!K'ologY

happy july 4th ppl Sonic Chaos Crush made me get a headache i almost fell asleep and dont judge but i am only 12 and i got in 4th place and some of yall r older than me >:D hahaxx_iredtornado_xx

my score was 102,890!wer-hog

Sonic Chaos Crush is crazy the any thing cool about it is it has good detailgolddragon king

I wish the paddle was faster; it would also be better if there were more power-ups.garyoak99

omg hibadmancrypto


wow, i almost fell asleep, zzzzzzzzgnome

omg :evil: i hate you all monkey!!!!!!!!!!!bsman

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