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 Trivial Blitz 
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Trivial Blitz

See full instructions inside Trivial Blitz arcade game.

Play Trivial Blitz Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
33,840 Plays   4.0 (30 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 8,250
All-Time Highscore: 10,350

Recent play by bidc.


Comments about Trivial Blitz:

I like Trivial Blitz a lot! it would be better with some decent audio though but still fun either way!@$_I_L@Y_DYING

fun game. it made me it several times to finally win - and it's a red virtual sports car!!RollickyRuth

i can't seem to stop playing this game!!!! lol not a bad game at all. i always seem to push it when it comes to last 2 or 3 correct answer's which ussually prove's to be a bad idea even if i've done the same one three or more time's lol!!! definately must pay attention to what your doing being cautious not to fall for the very tricky blitzer's that are disguised quite well. GREAT GAME!!!! (ARCADEBOSS RULES!!!) : )D!RTYD@N76

i am getting better ! cool game , i love trivaheavysaxon

its a fast game,I did crappy trying to push my luckreganz

Pretty interesting, gives you that jeopardy feel. Although it would be better with more diverse categories but it's still a decent game. 3/5DissonantMuse


i'm a glutton for punishment..when I get the wrong ones right..I get the right ones can win..sassymynahbabe

Trivial Blitz was ok. . .i wish there were better topics. . . sound effects or at least some type of music! It helps me think better! lolSmokeyQuartz

Yay! I won a sportscar! I wonder if they deliver? LOL Fun game!AuntSue

i know i can do bettertatty

very good game, just wish i was clever!jackndanni

i love Trivial Blitz trying to get 1st placethe young one

i dont know sh*t! LOL...i suck at thisdarkangel20

This is an addicting game. It would be nice if they wouldn't have the same category twice during the game( unless I know all the answers) but other than that a great game.marcman88

This game is a real challenge; the highest score possible is 10,350. This score (in games that have highscores) is called the "'perfect' score".sevencube3

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