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 Star Trails 
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Star Trails

See full instructions inside Star Trails arcade game.

Play Star Trails Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
8,832 Plays   3.2 (20 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 162,977
All-Time Highscore: 4,596,786

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Comments about Star Trails:

Very cool looking but I didn't get the point of the game maybe because I lost interest really fast and thought it was just to make pretty pictures and that it wasn't really a game. OopsGinnyBoyd

It's boring having to move it around you pretty much get the beat of the game after like two seconds Star Trails is kinda pointless if you ask me but that's just my opinionlilking89

There should be some way to pause this game. That way it doesn't rely completely on endurance.Ernie

High score for the month my first time trying it. Not such a good game.ohiopl8

Fun...LOL, yea right, Star Trails is one of the more lamer games ive played on here thus yet. THUMBS DOWN!!! game is garbage and boring.RealGENIUS

This game really sucks.Classick NZ

What the heeeeeeeeeeeeell was that. I started the game then it was over in a blink of an eye. I'm not even sure if I should tey it again..........christie crozier

This game is so easy...i nearly beat the highscore the first time i did it...but just stopped to see what would happen ... then i saw the highscore...Danilus

wowConner Kid

Star Trails is fun yet challenging.jd2593

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