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See full instructions inside Mk5 arcade game.

Play Mk5 Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
8,496 Plays   3.0 (10 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 94,000
All-Time Highscore: 450,200

Recent play by bidc.


Comments about Mk5:

Matched my Alltime score to the second, 427,600. Highly recommend, Please ... Challenge me :)-White-Wolf-

One of my favourite game's here, been playing Mk5 all month long with only average score's but finally got a good one.Pure skill + speed.I advise it help's to get extra point's...only get purple bonus when at 90 second's or less or b4 the last pick up so you get the best time bonus, also there are surtain level's with $2k cash, if you collect extra live's without going to much out of your way on surtain level's i die on purpose and you can collect good $2k bonuses many time's, die three times in a later level when you have good live's,do it 3 times in one level thats 6k,+ you can do it fast if lucky.Very high skill game but it help's to think of the best way to make the best score with the time you have!DGG

Man im so happy! have played Mk5 many times in the last week or so to finally get rewarded, last game... no death's,and a fast as game.One of the most addictive games ive played here yet, Played on Hard mode for double time bonus,23 level' not waste time going for extra live's as for me they are a waste of time with no death's whats the point,also make sure you get all time bonuses.Very close top 3 score's.Mk5 is brilliant.DGG

This game is just brilliant! im getting close to #1 with 398k. coming for you neeraffa lol. i'll have another go tomorrow,highly addictive and a very skillful have to play HARD if you want to get better points.DGG


Starts out easy enough and gives you a false sense of this is gonna be sooo easy and it doesn't take long to find out you are in for a challeng. Really fun game and very addicting!!jamjshoe

It's MUCH more difficult than it looks! Easy to learn; difficult to master! ;)garyoak99

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