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 Mouse Move Mania 
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Mouse Move Mania

See how fast you can move your mouse

Click and hold left mouse button and move mouse.

Play Mouse Move Mania Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
20,154 Plays   2.2 (17 Votes)

No highscores for this activity.

Last viewed by bidc.

Comments about Mouse Move Mania:

Not so hard.........BIG-G

no comment because nothing happened this game020510dekriz

simple yet irritating! lol i thought it was fairly easy to get 57,000SmokeyQuartz

stupid game waste of timeThe Frannuman

WRONG!!! Making the screen bigger doesn't work and Mouse Move Mania is really messed up because I move the mouse as fast as POSSIBLE and i aint slow at all and i cant even reach 37,000. Something is wrong with Mouse Move Mania.Destroyer

you have to have the game in large size to get a high score,i got a score of infinite twice which is of the charts.i got 347000 1 time u just have to swing youre mouse in a big circuklar course my score did not submit too slow to turn that little submitting signDERAILED

Ok well i have a A4Tech X7 mouse,top of the line cost me over $100 @ a halve price,i dont use it any more but i got it out for Mouse Move Mania,on the fastest setting the game would hardly pick the mouse up as it was truely to fast? i slowed it down a touch and it managed a 47k score,the OD goes up to 60k, it seems strange you say everyone is two cheap to buy a gaming mouse well im not i have one of the best you can buy rrp $200, and it would not work so have NO idea how you get to score800k!??? and seriously this mouse is FAST as.owell whatever!DGG

whew! I am worn out now lolDestroyer

Things are fine now... thanks A.B.... try adjusting the speed of your mouse.. just may help! Cya..GBIG-G

Kinda sucks... since it wont let me save a high score anymore... guess everyone is too cheap to buy a gaming mouse.. Logitec G5 change your mouse speed on the go!!! Later...G \m/BIG-G


Logitec G5 ...BIG-G


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