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 Destination Earth 
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Destination Earth

Classic old school from the people that created Space Invaders. I put several quarters into this game at the skating rink when the game was new.

After the mothership releases your landing module, use the left and right arrow keys to avoid the orbiting asteroids. While descending the up arrow can be used for extra thrust to slow decent to help squeeze through those tight spots.

Right before touch down on one of the landing pads make sure that the thrust is going for a gentle landing otherwise your ship will crash.

After landing the module picks up a passenger and automatically launches. Use the arrow keys to steer again, but this time you can shoot those pesky rocks. To Fire press SPACE. As you reach the top of the screen, steer exactly to the center of the mothership. If you line them up close enough the module will dock with the mothership.

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14,376 Plays   3.7 (15 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 4,314
All-Time Highscore: 14,121

Recent play by Bafusa.


Comments about Destination Earth:

Once you get how it works (which is in the instructions below the game window) Destination Earth is a lot of funnowurmessingwith

This game is totally awesome!!! If this wasn't based off an old game than I'm happy that people still have the ability to make a classic like this still today!! This would easily be a hit in the arcades in the 80's/90's, I know I would have been pumping the quarters in. And mrg7698, how could you not get it? If you don't understand than read the directions on the left. :)RATJUICE

it was a great challenge m8,have been trying for ages,i needed it to get on the all time 15 list,your score was very competitive,i might try for your bomb jack score next lol,best of luck with this one and look forward to the challengekiwifootsouljahz

Well done Kiwifootsouljahz. You did it. I will have to start playing Destination Earth again and see if i can beat it. Gets tough at 13'000 mark, so gonna be tough.grindcorefreak

ive finally nalled that hi score took me monthskiwifootsouljahz

pretty darn funmariofan1012

I don't remember seeing Destination Earth in the arcade. Looks like the next generation of Space Invaders. Fun to play.skeesh

looks fun but i dont get itmrg7698

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