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 Triangles 2 Player 
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Triangles 2 Player

This is either a fun two player partner game, or a hellacious one player skill game. There are two windows. Avoid a collision in both windows.

Left Window: W A S D to Move. Right Window: Mouse to Move.

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26,466 Plays   4.0 (20 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: None this month
All-Time Highscore: 91,057

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Recent play by bidc.


Comments about Triangles 2 Player:

Who is your mate? alt+space?neeraffa

Awesome game, when my mate come's round for a beer + a catch up we play this game, our best is 41k, I handle the Key's, he does the mouse. I think the key's are hardest, as when it get's extremely fast ( 35k+ ) it's easier with the mouse. We do ok, Will try again some time.Score's start to go up pretty fast toward's the end, getting the art of rotating is the trick, and take risk's to get the x2.Last month i played this by myself, but 25-30k upward's too tricky for one player.Desent two player game, there should be more like it.Double fall is good, i just need a desent player to play with me, no matter who i get to play with me im still strong,really need TWO very good player's for both triangle's and double fall, but anyway's, such as life.Recommend Triangles 2 Player.-White-Wolf-

yeh stuff you allbrandon98103

i always stay in the corner its muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh easier to playpokey4ed2

haaa haaa hee hee michael jackson on the streetinfinite

Triangles 2 Player is pretty addicting. it's one of those arcade boss games that when you get you rank, you feel you can do better and you drive yourself higher. i've got my rank to 5 at first then when i tried again i managed to get rank 4. these are games that make arcade boss awesometime2own

That was a really weird and fun game! I thought it would be a totally different game!cool dude 4

It gets tricky!garyoak99

This game is fun and exciting. You need to players or t gets tricky!amoneymaker

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