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See full instructions inside Piljard arcade game.

Play Piljard Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
30,799 Plays   2.6 (11 Votes)

Monthly Lowscore: 0
All-Time Lowscore: 8

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Recent play by Sue-nami.


Comments about Piljard:

I think this Piljard game should actually be called Pilchards because there is something FISHY about the way the balls react when hit :-/msidoh

I think I would have done better blindfoldedreganz

Gentle or not, it seems the balls magically hit 'something' in the pockets that keeps them from going in, or they bounce out all together. I've experimented and this happens with hard and soft shots. Some of them are just ridiculous. It takes away from the fun of the game.Honeydipped

im not a fan of his lameass gameouyenjoe

This is the most brutal pool game ive ever played. Many shot's and angle's and how it react's is completely wrong, hitting the ball with a 45 degree angle just make's to shot off on a far less angle, i like pool, it's a great game of power and angle but Piljard's angle's are set so wrong.BUT on the + side it's still fun to play yet fustrating.Learn to use the correct power needed, it's very useful.I only used one power shot in the whole game ( the break ) then it was soft lay up shot's.Scored 16 first go.3*'s from me, good to play, nothing flash, try not to get mad!-White-Wolf-

it's fun enough, plenty challenging and time well spent. I really enjoyed this game but it's a toughiewinship

it's an ok game it can be better but, this is a game i would play for kicksBeanerman

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