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See full instructions inside Ledix arcade game.

Play Ledix Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
13,668 Plays   3.1 (14 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 1,050
All-Time Highscore: 59,650

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Recent play by LalinGouki.


Comments about Ledix:

it took me twenty tries to get through level ! lmao its challenging, i wish you had 'lives' or a way to back track your move. you screw up past level one then thats it, back to square oneSmokeyQuartz

you can barley pass level 1 , it is a good game though ,but still you always get stuck in a dam corner.jeffrey

lol never thought that that i could neverget passed the 2nd stage omg.. this is a good one. hard.. simple but keeps the mind working!roseanne01

Though Ledix counts your Moves, there appears to be no score penalty for `wasting` moves. THAT IS CRAP!!!!!! .... but ..... I can't delete this Comment now. There are 3 choices: Edit, Delete, Delete. The first Delete gives "not authorised" - the other Delete gives basically a blank AB screen...... so ...... I wonder if these comments are manually checked (by someone!?) before publication ? - If so - DELETE this one pse !!! (And preferably PM me to let me know. LOL) Cheers, E_KEagle_Kiwi

I can hardly believe what i think I see - there is NO option to reset a level (if u paint yourself into a corner). So - *think* before you move - no second chances! . . . . . . BTW, glad 2 c this shortcoming was remedied in Ledix 2. :-)Eagle_Kiwi

Wow ! Got all 24 Levels!Jag

Ledix 2
Ledix 2

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