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 Omnom Forest 
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Omnom Forest

Welcome to the enchanted Omnom Forest! Deep in the woods you will find the ever hungry fluffy Omnoms and a never ending rain of their favorite fruits ... Well except acorns. Omnoms hate acorns. They don't taste good and you get this scratchy feeling in your tummy that just makes you wanna go mad! However, here's the deal: Click Omnoms to make them open their giant mouth and they will omnomnom everything falling from above. Click them again and the Omnoms will open their umbrellas to protect themselves from the vicious acorns. But be careful not to block any fruits or your Omnoms might get angry! They don't like to waste them ... But don't worry: If an Omnom is angry you might still get him happy again by holding down your mouse button tickling him. If you prove as a worthy friend more of the Omnoms will join your omnomtastic feeding fiesta! Use your mouse to play this game.

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7,524 Plays   3.4 (13 Votes)

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Comments about Omnom Forest:

Very relaxing at first but as the omnoms becomes more and more I got panicked. LOL Overall it's fun. 5 stars from me. :)bet1990

and again 2,604,100 it didn't submit :roll:rogbow

imagine that my best game ever and it won't submit ! 2,509,800 :(rogbow

Ha ha I love Omnom Forest definitely one of my favorite games now! 6/5! Here's a great tip, DON'T BLINK!Avelocity88

57th gold medal! I finally got the game to submit my score but I didn't expect to get over 680,000 points!!!Toki Wartooth

My 3 yr old niece loves Omnom Forest and she laughs her head off. I love it because I'm the one working the controls. It's a very cute game indeed. I have to tickle more because they get angry at me. :)Blazed

This is a very relaxing, inspiring game. I love the art style and the sound affects. 5/5 9/10[G]ame[O]v3R

TIP: Keep all mouths open, then just keep your eyes open and near the top of the screen for acorns. Open the umbrella for the acorn as it gets closer, then close the umbrella right away. This seemed the most efficient for me, Good Luck!Sleep_Hurts

Cute game with a fresh take on multitasking, but the Medal scores are insane!!! After 1m, it seemed impossible to tickle one of the rodents happy after angering him, much less maintain the other 6. Medal Score's need adjusting. Game itself deserves a 5/5 for relaxing musing and brain exercise fun!Sleep_Hurts

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