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An endless war destroyed the world. Cities had gone into flames and people had started to feed on each other. A peaceful world once, now torn by hate and destruction. Only few survived the madness and now live in fear, not knowing what the next day might bring. Their only concern to find food and water, and to live another day. Only those mobile enough make it out alive. You are one of last sane survivers. You find yourself alone in the wasteland, surrounded by madmen on wheels with only one goal... to kill you! Buckle up! This one is gonna be bumpy.

Controls = Mouse to move and fire.

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6,900 Plays   3.3 (10 Votes)

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Last viewed by bidc.

Comments about Wastelander:

is a game that amuses me .. but how are dangerous driver lol,I need to practice.Fullmoon

Not bad game. A lot of the time bullet refills don't come at all. Use your bullets sparingly and try to avoid the obstacles.Joe.Boxer

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