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 Monolith′s Mario World 
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Monolith's Mario World

A to Jump. S to Run. Arrow keys to move. Warning: Game tends to lock on later levels, so it's gamble whether you want to die early or push on.

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155,138 Plays   3.4 (21 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: None this month
All-Time Highscore: 506,350

Recent play by bidc.


Comments about Monolith′s Mario World:

confusing. just... very... confusing. btw: I'm talking about the controlsevilotto1996

Hey there seems to be some confusion here as many people are not making the jump on the 1st level lol, do you realise you can RUN? if you RUN you can jump higher.please read instructions to view keys used.DGG

Tips: For the boss, only jump on him. In the world 2, level 2, you can get much coins and you will make many points, but you have that died to repeat and make more points. This a great game, and medium hard, but its a demo with 2 of 7 worlds. I beat Monolith's Mario World with 2 Worlds: Green Fields and Mystery Woods, 9 levels + 1 Boss for each world, and its over. [GMM 100413]ryu2009

BECAREFUL: If you complete one level, You shouldn´t press any key, while the black screen and says "LOADING". Because the game so I advise waiting until the finishes loading, for you can continue the next level.ryu2009

my tips on getting over the frist gap,run to the very back with loads of boxes wat eva their called then run up and press a as hard as you can**************megantinks


i cant even jump the first gap ahahahaha. lamedarkangel20

Awww, durn it! I've tried about 20 times to jump that first gap - never made it. Giving up Monolith′s Mario World. I don't think Mario agrees with me - my fingers work in a different way. (Gimme good ol' faithful Commander Keen or Duke Nukem any day! ;-) )Eagle_Kiwi


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