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 Luigi′s Mansion 
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Luigi's Mansion

See full instructions inside Luigi′s Mansion arcade game.

Play Luigi′s Mansion Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
109,913 Plays   3.7 (20 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: None this month
All-Time Highscore: 262,500

This game does not count for prizes or contests.

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Recent play by bidc.


Comments about Luigi′s Mansion:

yes i got the high score of the month!!youngmonkies

This game rocks + i got the monthly high score!!!!WWEfan

Good gameStuAndrew

Prede fun jest be better at that game,but it's still Fun for everyone to play! JEST Ban Smash it!Benbenq

I can not beat the first stage because it is very hard for me, and I also can not beat the original oneRey lopez

game is kind of boring. only the one level. or is it broken?roseanne01

{love it and I KEEP ON LOSEING! some one pay me 400$ 800 cent}tails the fox

weres your bff spiderman? parcersonicman

t5hi game was really awsome i hope they start coming out with more games like this onekiller124

it is wayyyyyyy easier then the original donkey kongmrg7698

"Controls: Arrows And Mouse" - Hmmmmm, no mouse use that I can see. I reckon that's an AB typo!?Eagle_Kiwi

Why would Luigi purchase a mansion that is haunted anyway? ;)garyoak99

wow..Luigi′s Mansion totally sucks LOLdarkangel20

So close on that oneSonicdelta

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