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  About Arcade Boss
Arcade Boss Games has an excellent selection of hand-picked arcade games and a loyal following of gamers who enjoy playing the very best games, competing for highscores and winning prizes at one of the most unique free online game arcades around.

We are constantly searching for the best free arcade games to add to our system, especially classic arcade games.

You don't have to register to play games, but only members can save their highscores and compete to be Boss of the Month or win prizes.

Challenge your friends to beat your highscores!

  Arcade Stats

We have 32576 registered players

The newest registered user is Mr Bean

There have been 68,218,098 free game plays.


  Top Honor Medals
Master O
f Puppets

  Top Credits
-White-Wolf- (1137135)
Leviathan (1006054)
rogbow (939156)
Bafusa (667233)
carnage666 (450399)

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Arcade Boss has over 2,700 free online games to play for online gamers.

We are crazy about arcade games and have some of the best free games collected together for everyone that loves to play games. Our online games include Mario games, driving games, classic arcade games, dress up games and even coloring pages, neat Flash toys and gadgets, optical illusions and escape the room games.

So if you like to play highscore games and have fun, you've come to the right arcade!

Welcome to Arcade Boss Games

Zombies In The Shadow The Saviour 2
Zombies In The Shadow The Saviour 2
Mario Magic World
Mario Magic World
Mario and Wario Part 1
Mario and Wario Part 1
Stickman Runner
Stickman Runner
The Dragons Adventure
The Dragons Adventure
Super Mario Snow Adventure
Super Mario Snow Adventure
Maze Of Traps
Maze Of Traps
Remove Creatures
Remove Creatures
Pushing Bob 2
Pushing Bob 2
Go Home Block
Go Home Block
Deadman Rush
Deadman Rush
Aeolus Shift
Aeolus Shift
Demolition Inc.
Demolition Inc.
Super Mario Skyworld
Super Mario Skyworld
Cats Vs Mice
Cats Vs Mice
Nangooni Swarm
Nangooni Swarm
Railway Valley 2
Railway Valley 2
Abe Droid Zone
Abe Droid Zone
Retro Gunners
Retro Gunners
Kobalt's Gold
Robo Raven
Robo Raven
Bloons 2: Spring Fling
Bloons 2: Spring Fling
Mario Ghosthouse 2
Mario Ghosthouse 2
Infinity 2
One Way Dungeon
Pandora Epic Battles

Top Arcade Games All Time High Scores
    Score Player
Mahjong Dark Dimensions
2,984,022 game plays in 1,800 days
270,475 zarbone
Super Mario Flash
1,925,537 game plays in 2,310 days
125,105,350,500 rogbow
Scrabble Blast
1,771,287 game plays in 2,357 days
172,846 SilverFox
Sonic Smash Brothers
1,144,974 game plays in 2,076 days
Mario Ghosthouse
1,053,192 game plays in 2,165 days
1,002,441,160 LalinGouki
Super Mario World Flash
1,007,838 game plays in 2,238 days
11,002,525 LalinGouki
Skee Ball
952,613 game plays in 2,411 days
3,750 garyoak99
Bubble Shooter
1,061,048 game plays in 2,881 days
14,222,800 vmaxmadness
Scooby Doo Big Air 2
724,950 game plays in 2,314 days
27,761 joker420
Spiderman City Raid
634,214 game plays in 2,326 days
117,962 coolguy68
Simpsons Wrecking Ball
565,651 game plays in 2,342 days
531 hefa
Mario Hardcore
488,316 game plays in 2,044 days
309,350 Starman
Mario Bros 2 Player
533,553 game plays in 2,293 days
Super Mario War 2 Player
501,189 game plays in 2,206 days
Super Mario 63
386,370 game plays in 1,798 days
961 Bafusa
Street Fighter
547,226 game plays in 2,878 days
3,027,350 LalinGouki
388,308 game plays in 2,130 days
Uphill Rush
404,589 game plays in 2,250 days
928,540 sapling
Super Mario World Flash 2
319,962 game plays in 1,824 days
13,433,420 LalinGouki
Sonic Rush
358,311 game plays in 2,222 days
147,100 pimpin101
Mini Mario
460,813 game plays in 2,784 days
32 pimpin101
Sonic Demoworld
375,435 game plays in 2,273 days
Mahjong Connect
451,883 game plays in 2,898 days
6,360 zarbone
Sonic Snowboard
338,256 game plays in 2,231 days
3,600 Starman
Sonic Rival Dash
356,079 game plays in 2,469 days
3,160 pimpin101

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Looking for the best free online games? We have thousands of games with new ones added daily. Here are some online games being played right now...

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  The Arcade Bosses

Boss of the Month:


Most Arcade Game Wins this Month with 105 Wins.

2. joker420 (53)
3. Bafusa (40)
4. PIX (26)
5. Bomber (18)
6. AuntSue (13)
7. Sue-nami (13)
8. msidoh (10)
9. Cally242 (10)
10. warduke43 (10)
11. Lonny (9)
12. carnage666 (9)
13. garyoak99 (9)
14. akeo (9)
15. ThrillerFan (9)

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The All-Time Boss:


Most Arcade Game Wins Ever with 205 Wins.

2. LalinGouki (115)
3. rogbow (69)
4. carnage666 (62)
5. neeraffa (61)
6. pimpin101 (55)
7. Starman (30)
8. joker420 (19)
9. Twi$ter (19)
10. Bafusa (17)
11. bedem15 (16)
12. soultaker777 (14)
13. Cloud 9 (14)
14. Eagle_Kiwi (12)
15. carltontx (11)

Longest Standing

  Who is Online
There are 113 members playing online games today:

Registered Users: 1894, 2thewho, 6600suite6, abrock1951, ailind, Annie, aryanaryan, Bafusa, beamacdex, Berkie, blactravis, blast, BobbyCaldwell, Braithy, bravo, briella, bsddsc, buckerfutt5, bullgal, burt6465, bzap, Cally242, canine37, carltontx, casinogiant, catsmommie, Cliffordrrrr, csmyers, csrizz, DEECH309, dgotts, Dwayne Hinton, easyryder0, edshardware, emiliand7800, fivepointer, fruitieloopz, g9, gameplay, garyoak99, glenanair, GRAMMY-D, grouper, gunman8, HANSNMAN, hockleygirl, irp69, jean Ann, jessehorr49er, jlarthur, jmb1269, joker420, Jules, Junnie620, Justme1029, jww2, katetx, KATYDID, kcawley14, kphurst16, luvgames, maizee, maskedintruder, Maudit, meinalem, mizty, MoniqueDC, movada, Mr Bean, mscook2218, nancy23g, nathanXnathan, NewMexicoGlo, Nodge, Noicannot, OberonTitania, pagan, pat, phi2010, porthos1974, Q*bdawg, rhall4455, rosiolady, SALPUZZLER, sax556, sblank1, Seahawk Immortal 1957, shortie1744, SilverFox, sportsdad, Sue-nami, Super Duper, swtvixxxen, The_Renis, ThrillerFan, Tish1029, trlake1, Tuatha, twotours, vbrules, Vulture Blade, wahootwo, waltwalt, wandawjone, warduke43, wh2angel, zarbone

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Most members ever was 332 on Mon Jul 20, 2009 11:26 pm

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