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Sgt. John Armio fights to save the world from the dark cabal's army of black helicopters and thugs. Take down 50 choppers to complete the mission. Use your mouse and keyboard to play this game.

Play Armio Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
45,006 Plays   4.0 (6 Votes)

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Comments about Armio:

nice game this isjonijoli

fun game but it gets very boring(for me) after about the 3rd lvlTenchithepimp

First of all, I would like to say well done to AB for creating this great game. Being the first one to complete the game 100%, I would like to say that it is definitely worth a play through. The game is relatively easy, but it is good enough to make you want to keep playing. I like the style of Armio, and idea of it (saving the world by fighting off rounds of thugs + choppers). There are a few down sides to Armio though (-) - As WW mentioned, there is no pause button, BUT you can go away if you have to after completing a wave by not going in the car right away. - It does kind of get repetitive because it isn't too challenging, it would have been cool to have to fight off multiple choppers at the same time toward the end, and if the thugs had guns. Health was not an issue for me, and probably wont be for most people since you have a lot of it. Overall, I will rate Armio 4*'s since it is a fun game. Well done, Arcadeboss ;) *Starman*Starman

Very nice game AB - fun and easy to play. Rated 4*'s - a pause button would be good ( idea ) got past 500k and had to answer the phone lost all my life. I like the different level designs, and how you can control the helicopters, as they follow you. Recommend trying Armio :)-White-Wolf-

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