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Qix (c) 10/1981 Taito. - BASIC IDEA - The objective of Qix is to claim a certain proportion of the playing field as your own.

At the start of each level, the playing field is just a large, empty rectangle, containing the Qix - a sticklike entity that performs peculiar, erratic motions within the confines of the rectangle. The player controls a small marker that can move around the edges of the rectangle. To claim an area of the screen, the player must detach from an edge and draw Stix within the rectangle. Stix are simply lines traced out by moving the marker. When the marker traces out a closed shape, the area enclosed by the shape becomes solid and has been claimed. The player may draw either Fast Stix, which appear blue when solid, or Slow Stix, which appear red. Slow Stix take longer to draw, but are worth twice as many points. Once the player has claimed an area, the marker can safely move along the border of that claimed area. To complete a level, the player must claim 75% or more of the rectangle's area. - TRIVIA - The author named the game ''QIX'' (pronounced ''KICKS'' and not ''QUIX'') because his car registration/number plate at the time was : ''JUS4QIX''. Qix is the first ''drawing game'', a truly original game. Also the first totally Taito American game, Qix initially did big numbers, but quickly died when players discovered the machine was 'unbeatable'. Having a googolplex of possible combinations, there was no singular pattern to the game and players lost interest. A Qix unit appears in the 1983 movie ''Joysticks'' and in the 1984 movie ''The Karate Kid''. - SCORING - There are a couple of ways you earn points in Qix. The first involves actually claiming areas. There are two buttons, slow and fast. These buttons determine how fast your Marker goes. In essence, going slow increases the risk of losing your Marker so it is obviously worth more points. Here's how the points work out for making ''boxes'': 1) Slow : It is a base 500 points multiplied by the percentage of area covered by that box. For example, if you create a box that claims 3% of the total area, then points scored would be 500 X 3 or 1500 points. This area fills in with brown. 2) Fast : It is a base 250 points multiplied by the percentage of area covered by that box. For example, if you create a box that claims 1% of the total area, then points scored would be 250 X 1 or 250 points. This area fills in with blue. NOTE : The above points may not be exact since the game rounds off the percentages to whole numbers for display but calculates them using decimal percentages. You also get bonus points for going above the 75% Threshold. Any percentage above the 75% Threshold is multiplied by 1000 to determine your bonus points. During the split Qix screens, if you successfully split the Qix's into their own compartments, you will get a multiplier bonus that is applied to points scored when you are making boxes. For example, if you had a 250 points and the multiplier was 3X, you now have 750 points. This multiplier increments by one every time you successfully split the Qix's. Of course, when you do this, you don't get the bonus points (if you had any).

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Comments about Qix:

i'm new to Qix its kind of toughfurrykisskiss

ooohhh man I played this as an arcade game in the 70s haha.... It's still as addictive as it was then! :)lydia

How do you start playing qix on pc I played in the 80s when husband in navy it was a cool game and I have put a lot of quarters into it would love to playpeanut1957

I blew a lot of quarters on Qix in 1983. Now it's ... coming back ... my brain ... rewired ... aaaaaah!Biggadicca

still one of the best gamesJaxZen

fun freaking game.... beasttreyisbest10181018

So basic... but so awesome to play xDSsonicmovies

This game makes me want to break out my Atari 5200! There is a major difference between this version and the Atari 5200 version. You don't start off with sparks chasing you on Atari, which makes it a lot more fun. I'll have to rate this a 3 because of that.jigadre

ahhh nothing like the classics, whish I could go back to the 80's 1 more time 1.Boogerman


Boo Hoo my up and down arrows wont work : ( any ideas why?Lainey

Old school...Love it!PIX

love Qix but arrows won't work.HELP PLEASEracar1308


Loved Qix as a 13 year old it was so different than space invaders still love it today. Reflexs and a bit of luck, though using the arrows is a little difficult the old style controller real got hammered back in the day, being lft handed worked a treat as the joystick was on the left.Geo

it good game it been so long play it i get better sooni love QixGuerry

how the hell do you start the game where is the start button???? please help....nathan724

Yessssssssss thats my game - press the x and the arrows ;-)marie_cgn

i was good at this it been so long i play this i glad play it again i get better soon lolGuerry

My favorite video game of the 80's. Easier with joystick though.pireton


What are the controls for Qix? I know the arrow keys move it around the fixed rectangle, but I'm not aware how to make my own rectangle.Ernie

dwros greecedwros

Addictive retro game, just as challenging as I remember the original...djcyberlegend


Favorite game from the 80'sgenius

Cool game. I love playing itTugaOnGame

this is my ather gameRASHON

really cool game, , kinda hard. I cant stop playing.TheMurph07

Qix is fun but pretty hard for meSlayerInBlood

Pretty good. Wish I had a joystick.rmacey

Hmm, not bad at all, but the Qix is unpredictable, like a crazy spinning mill.Zoopi Lala

this is a good game but it gets really hard ,but I sill dont know what the goal of the game is or what to dogearsman1

the orginal one you only need 60% control, that is needing all new tactics =Pbo bo bo

c'mon...just ..please....whaaaaaaaaaa!Kahn

omg i love Qix i have it on my gameboy omg i have to find it now any one reading this should know Qix is very addictive so you have been warnedmegamanx564

Long time since I have seen this Game, yet again I am hooked. Should have loggd on sooner, fluked a high score and would have been good to keep the proof.BlunderWudge

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