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 Spiderman City Raid 
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Spiderman City Raid

See full instructions inside Spiderman City Raid arcade game.

Play Spiderman City Raid Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
690,260 Plays   4.2 (111 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: None this month
All-Time Highscore: None yet

Recent play by IoustinaPoutana.


Comments about Spiderman City Raid:

This is one of the funnest games I've played. 10/10. I also used to play this game a lot when I was younger, so many memories.Rubiks Gaming

I always played Spiderman City Raid when I was like 10. 7 years later now XDBandosago

This Is AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!chuckyvlogs

Spiderman City Raid its ok spider man walks like he is drunk lolkingdom hearts wolf

1st PLACE!!! YEAH!!!!!!!! I'm #1.......Comment if u beat me!!!Mersa316

This game sucksJBreezy

It's so addicting but yet i'm still bad at it i'll probably get better but that won't be for a whilehoop2cool

love Spiderman City Raid!!! so much fun 2 play, never get's old 4 me!!!4* outa 5* for me. (ARCADEBOSS RULES!!!) : )D!RTYD@N76

Spidey's still high but 2nd place now!!!pikachu72

6280...DANG ITlovingthatbacon

ohhh the spider man is haddi ka dhancha this was in hindi in english the spiderman have no bones he is walking like he have no bones woww if a man will like this the alien will laugh and i am laughing hahahahahaaaa.........butterfly_romi

this is very addictive but challenging because i play on the laptop but it would be a lot easier to play.yoshie

3rd place , Btw you should be Drunk to score 1st place x)Seri0us

Spiderman City Raid is awesome i might beat the high score i played Spiderman City Raid on onther site and i was a boss at ittomato_the_first

Awesome game even though I'm not good at it. Definitely is worth a 5/5!Avelocity88

Spidy's high. 8th Place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!pikachu72

I like the way spiderman is all floppy, It's like as if he's drunk. I'd give Spiderman City Raid a 5/5D A R K W O L F

that game is boringdudemoron08

I think spiderman would be dead or about dead by nowchampion

i play Spiderman City Raid every time i come on arcade boss and because spiderman looks really floppy me and my best friend call this''drunken spiderman's midnight adventures. anywaaaaaaayyyyy WE LOVE THIS GAMEsuperarzu

wow i made it very far and the balls are at the end 2 awsome!!!!!brandonflash44

its brutalbrandonflash44

i got a rewardbrandonflash44

4th place awsomebrandonflash44

this was a cool spidey game i like the lil song its got jajaja its catchydiana Q

it's ***** amazing how spider man survive thos hits in the balls!!i would'nt have survived that!!spidie nans crazy.such a idiot for being in this game.why not sucks for spidiedeerhino900

I dominate.beefy409

i played Spiderman City Raid few times till my fingers 'act' like him,Mr Spiderman lolTinytinkerbell

Yeah!!!!!!!! second place!Smasher132

Black betty awsome 100%tbhy

lol i went so high the game just broke =PCDSONIC01

I think Spiderman might be heavily dosed with novocaine. If I hit my head on big steel blocks like that, I'd definitely feel it! But he manages to keep going, which means he's either very respectable or very full of novocaine.Ernie

I give extensive credit to the makers of Spiderman, Marvel itself, & Arcadeboss for approving Super Sonic Click. Litterally. Its Actually kinda easy. Not to brag that I earned A respectable score of the month, I will strive to beat the all time highscore, as I earned already a medal hopefully.XGokuTheHedgehogX


wow.Spiderman City Raid is so hard to get past. i wonder how anyone could get 117,000for a score.yoyoyoyo

awsome gametbhy

it is a very good gamenaruren


got to 4th place! what!=pMario & Sonic

why does he look so ragdollish? Its good but very hard.DavanteChatman

i love Spiderman City Raidjolly dude

Spider-Man City Raid gives Spider-Man Games a bad name curse you Spider-Man City Raid.Bowserfire

FINALLY!!!! After many, many tries I finally get a gold medal on Spiderman City Raid!!! now I can retire from playing itDestroyer

man it hardkingman33

oh wow Spiderman City Raid is fun or not fun..................I CANT DECICD!!!!carson drl

Don't try to fall as muchjack20290

hard for me!!!!jon180

ugghh this is way to hard for me:(thebluesamurai


This game is rubbishHanooz

Spiderman City Raid sucks i cant even get past the first leveleagleflyer99

a little easy and hardThisBoyLives

that was asomedyla5432

stupid rubber spidieywwe10

stupid rubber spidiey no............stupid plastic spidiey dollwwe10

thus game is amazeing loved it will deffinately play it again sooneyezofadevil

i suck at thattake u down

damn awesomeIanator0

stupid rubber spider-manjoey77

lil hard but coolsupersonic85

This game is EPIC!!!! BTW the song here is on Need 4 Speed Underground 2! :DGoku The HedgeHog

ahhhhhhhh Spiderman City Raid is cool but can get very fustrating at times. but awesome game spiderman is soo freaking awesomelilking89

it looks lik spiderman is drunk but the game is so hard u wont able to beat the game!

lol awesome game challenging and its funny how spiderman movesArcadeX

its hard at the end and i playee this game a thousand times and i still cant beat it!


lol, when i started i was like, 0_o where are his limbs? its also a pretty cool gamecardinalbird2000

That was really coand Spidol erman acted drunk wich was funnylegodude2000

I Love it!!!!qwe

this is the worst game i ever played:{carmelo13

this is so coooooooolllllll i came 8th with over 11000 pointsrickie468


this guy is 9th but still good and good score so keep going on there ladcripz101

this was a very good good game and i intend on keep playing it until iget the high score for Spiderman City Raid plus Spiderman City Raid was really coolkiller124

:)it is awesome :*)carlos300

This game is fun, man!16chime48pa

first place is minechase .m hakala

awsome but hardchase .m hakala

so Awesome!elbis

What are the control butttons... & Are the rest of yall trippin'?!Spiderman0614


whoa black betty bam ba lam whoa black betty bam ba lam she really gets me high bam ba lam you know thats no lie bam ba lam she is so pretty bam ba lam and shes always prettytaz775

Well, to my opinion, the game makes spiderman look kinda drunk & some things are hard but fun! What's the best is makeing him do weird flips & making him crash into anything!!! Overall, IT PWNS!!!!!!!!!! 1,234,567,890,987,654,321 stars out of 5DXsonic

nice game althoug spider man looks drunk but the game is awesome .i like it very much.Hasnain

Spiderman City Raid is frekin crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!sheikh1


it kinda hard but its the beeeeeeeessssssssttttttttttttttttttttttt t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!coolkevin

nice game ! a pretty weird spiderman , like he has no bones or something. lolWickuzo

Damn, i feel like controlling a human snail, lazy-dead-webfiring-spidermanMoronstabber


awsome gameshiver98

Spiderman may move like he is drunk or something but Spiderman City Raid is a whole LOT OF FUN! I just can't get past a certain section but I will keep trying!nowurmessingwith

Spiderman City Raid is adictingTetrisX9

LOL! That so funny! i love it!CaralhoVoador

i love Spiderman City Raidkiller be

Whoa Black Betty, bam-ba-lam. Great rockin' music for this neat Spider Man game. Help Spiderman make it far as possible by shooting webs.ArcadeBoss

4th baby yaAYAmariogansta_619

freakin sweet dudederek88


That was COLL!!!!!!Kevin Lickers

Mini Spiderman
Mini Spiderman

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