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 Mini Mario 
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Mini Mario

See full instructions inside Mini Mario arcade game.

Play Mini Mario Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
495,757 Plays   2.6 (63 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: None this month
All-Time Highscore: 32

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Recent play by Ness122.


Comments about Mini Mario:

worst mario game in my opinion on the second level i fell right through the moving platform i think it would be better without all the bugsyoungmonkies

there is alot of bugs in it fell right throw the platformyoungmonkies

Only 2 words I have to say: boring, easy.thekoolkid

glitchiest game everlolman123

Mini Mario is great!pikachu72

5th place!! Awesome!!pikachu72

wow Mini Mario is sensitiveironmanchris

didnt really like Mini Mario there was no meaning to it but it was ok to playmistyblue

my score is 4! I RULE LOLSmokeyQuartz

feh :( :( :(;(gtms games

Level 3 is HardBenbenq

This is Stupered I call Mini Mario an F word I always get 4 points I am stuck on the 2 level. Jest Stuered like F***ing HardBenbenq

Sure is random.cool390

I finally beat the second stage on my own, and the third one was a little bit hard for me to beatRey lopez

Even when I land on the platforms, the game always makes me fall.hawkplayer78

Overall an easy game i got the gold medal:) but very short?would have been good if there were several levels it would be harder as you dont get to much live so would be a challenge,worth a play and pretty easy gold here.DGG

EPIC FAIL! This game is one of the worst games ive ever played. Sad Nice try in making the game though.RealGENIUS

This is a very poor game with some bugs in it - like falling throo platforms........?neeraffa

can anyone help me with part 2?bossbowser

I Like itMichaelyar

i like mini mario and I like mario games !tails the fox

i like Mini Mario but it gets very boring after a few tryskilla2143

this was THE most retarded game evershilvic

its good but its hard i keep dieing at the same level2kyle1800

Mini Mario sucksgolddragon king

This is Mario on crack speed....does anyone else have the same problem of having to click on the quality button before starting each time?KTWORLD

he moves too fast !darkangel20

a good gameaaron120

Damn it is hardBlackSabotage100

Mini Mario is hard 1 point each time to get coins....but challenging i like it!im da beast

Very hard game to play!!!XIXO

i like the game it is funjacole_cleaves

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