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 New Super Mario World 2 
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New Super Mario World 2

See full instructions inside New Super Mario World 2 arcade game.

Play New Super Mario World 2 Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
113,838 Plays   3.8 (21 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: None this month
All-Time Highscore: 45,000

Recent play by Bafusa.


Comments about New Super Mario World 2:

Not as fun as most other classic mario platformersmariofan1012

way too easyjeffrey345

piece of cakeRey lopez

so easyRey lopez

Comments are saying the top score are impossible, well there not.i found out how to score more points easy as,like many other people have.try thing's,you'll find out fast,its easy.but i dont wanna sit there doing it up to 10,000 that would take awhile lol.DGG

good the way, elephant, good rule of thumb for this site, dont talk trash...there is ALWAYS someone that will beat your scorebedem15

that was the best game ever i got first place ever loosers suckers i got first PLACEelephant

what a monatomous (sp) gameKTWORLD

Couldnt even spell World right.. spells it wold, unless thats suppose to be funny. This game is garbage. 3 levels? 1,200+ points how? I don't see it? lol. whatever, New Super Mario World 2s crap.RealGENIUS

This game is great! i agree with cush. we need a map!Soniclover

That was fun, need's to be longer though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!nicole09

needs to be longer nd have a map where u go to all the levels and click on the level u want to play with the map u need a map man.CuSh[TnZ]

pretty goodflorencia

That was aswome!!I came in 2nd place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Vanessalinn

its an ok game, playing it on nintendo is alot better though...darkangel20

This game is really good.To other people (like me) you should try thi.baliwsamanga&anime

This game is really good.To other people (like me) you should try this.baliwsamanga&anime

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