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 Mahjong Connect 
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Mahjong Connect

See full instructions inside Mahjong Connect arcade game.

Play Mahjong Connect Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
598,853 Plays   3.7 (39 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 2,005
All-Time Highscore: 6,360

Recent play by AuntSue.


Comments about Mahjong Connect:

Strange game. My highscore is 110 points. When I take a hint Nothing happens.020510dekriz

I'm done with this stupid game. Too may flaws and glitches. I posted this on the forum support section and got no response - "I've just begun playing Mahjong Connect and I've run across 3 issues that vex me. 1- False hints. Frequently I click hint and it highlights 2 tiles that don't match. In addition, not only do I lose a hint, but the remaining hints are then locked out. 2 - Game ends before time runs out. Several times I got to level 2 and just as I get started, with plenty of time left, the game suddenly ends. Reading the comments on the game, this appears to affect many people (especially at level 7) Also, if I put the game on pause and walk away for a little bit, even if I have a ton of time left, the moment I unpause it, the games dies and I have to start all over again. This has never happened with any other game. ( I've put Bubble Shooter on pause over night and the next morning I continue without missing a beat" The last straw, I just blazed through the first level (which I've never even come close to) and started the second round with 7 hints and 925 points. This is it I thought, my breakout game. Got a decent start, clicked a hint, then they froze at 6. Bottom line, the level crashed and I ended up with only 1035. This is the first Boss game I've played that had any errors in it. This one has numerous ones. And after 5 days, no response from support, not even a "thanks, we're looking into it". Just crickets.TimeBandit

Interesting way the tiles shift around; keeps you on your toes, but I can't stand how the game constantly cuts off when there's still plenty of time left. Makes it not worth my time.luckykid

i've done that twice can't find it back somewhreHANSNMAN

How do you get your score to register when you complete level 7?goalie9999

This game brakes off all the time before timer goes to zero, should not. So it is luck to get a highscore, if it does not brake off, and you can go on, only then it is possible to get a higher score.anastazi

I love Mahjong Connect, but if my eyes do not improve. I will not be able to play much longer..wh2angel

I REALLY hate it when the game cuts me off!! Level 7 with at least an inch left on the timer and it quits on me. FRUSTRATED!RollickyRuth

deep frustration when i'm on level 5 with 3/4 of the timer left and the game abruptly ends! similar comments are YEARS old - maybe someone should read them and look into fixing it!RollickyRuth

So I guess no one monitors this forum. Game still has problems now that it did years ago. Sweet.RollickyRuth

How to play go yo Mah-jong Connect. Practice there.wh2angel

I cleared the board and discovered a new level. It works slightly different. I made 840, which may not be much for you younger folk. I have difficulty with my eyes.. Course the doctors don't think us seniors should see. I have outlived my doctors. I am now 82 and going to live to 145.wh2angel

very frustrating gamewahootwo

A stupid and frustrating game, with no clear rules posted anywhere--in my opinion.rosiolady

Hi all, I like your game very much, but why I have no big screen anymore, my eyesight is not very good.papoepatel

I am lost and confused - ( as usual )mswings

This game is hard.tdickensheets

Thanks for that Suzi q, it was confusing me why my game always seemed to end, nowI know why :)demonican9el

If you use a hint and the tiles do not match that they give you it means that the match is together... Every time the board shuffles it takes away one of your hints... No more hints... game over... I Hope This helpssuzi q

if i mustmamm

If run out of hints and the game over if you no more move on that board thats bsbubba

Mahjong Connect is a whole lot of fun once you figure out the rules and what makes a connection and what doesn't. i had to google the game to figure out the rules though, not posted anywhere on this site.KTWORLD

I cant find the rules either. Plus many times when I press the hint button, it highlights 2 tiles that are different and i cant use them.moonbapa

how do you play Mahjong Connect it seems like the rules change every time when i try to do what the hint does it wont work.killa2143

i'm with yall...i have played Mahjong Connect a few times now and it seems like the rules are tweeked each time...i'll use a hint and think to myself how in the world do those two pieces match..then i will do seemingly the exact same thing and it doesn't work...good luck everyone, if anyone figures the rules out exactly please let the rest of us knowKTWORLD

Mine aways seems to end the game on the 3rd level, even though the timer has still more than 1/2 way left on it.demonican9el

I agree with Lake Show (from over 2 years back!) - Where Are The Rules ?? At start ArcadeBoss says the rules are "within the game" - well, I sure can't see them. And despite playing about 6 times now I always score around 250-450, never higher. Well, I ain't THAT dumb or slow, so - I must be missing a vital clue, or technique !???Eagle_Kiwi

how do you play Mahjong Connect?LAKE SHOW

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