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 Texas Mahjong 
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Texas Mahjong

Texas Mahjong is a free online casual game that combines the strategy of poker, with the simplicity of mahjong. Create the best possible poker hands by moving tiles from the layout to your "hand".

Controls = Mouse orientated.

Play Texas Mahjong Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
50,466 Plays   3.7 (18 Votes)

No highscores for this activity.

Last viewed by 123hotdog.

Comments about Texas Mahjong:

Just scored 260,000. I'll make my own new all-time high score.abrock1951


Scoring is gone. Too bad !!abrock1951

Not gone yet. Happy, Happyabrock1951

Sorry we are losing Texas Mahjong. One of my favorites overall.abrock1951

2nd place pretty low but my first time playing.sianpudo

New all time high score !! Awesome game.abrock1951

OK not impossible but but very far & few between 4 the X-multiplier to be compatible with the 2 cards delt 2 you, but I guess thats why I like it (the challenge) it's grown on me over time not!!!! ARCADEBOSS RULES: )D!RTYD@N76

just scored 183,000. connection error for scoring. that really stinks.abrock1951

this is by far the best spin on a "POKER" game that I've played on this site!!!(so far) : ) great game or should I say game's lol. one 4 my FAV'S list 4 sure lol 4 out of 5 stars, would have been 5 out of 5 stars if not 4 the fact that its impossible 2 get a flush of any kind when your delt 2 different siute's from the get go and it put's the X2,X3, or what ever X score multiplier in the flush or royal flush section and any other impossibility hand with the 2 cards delt making it impossible even though you can see what the 2 cards will be 4 the next hand and you leave yourself with the flush and or higher hand 2 to make sure you give yourself the the highest possible hand and when doing that the X2,X3, or wich ever X score multiplier will be put on the two pair or lower hand spot's. FRUSTRATING AS ALL #$%@!!!! lol other than that perfect!!! ARCADEBOSS RULES!!! ; )D!RTYD@N76

Royal Flush 6X; scored 185,700. But my scores will not post. That sucks!!!abrock1951

tired of the mcdonalds adTidalWave

why do my scores not get posted???abrock1951

Gold at last! 6 x Royal flush did the job early on - awesome game!neeraffa

I really enjoy the mahjong characteristics and the challenge of poker. A great combination.lickylu

Took me a few plays to realize what I was actually suppose to do. Really like this mixture of mahjong and texas hold 'em combined. Now to just get higher scores...LOLcberry56

5 of a kind x 13 = 65,000 in one hand! :D First to reach gold score! :)mladen

This is a great and addicting game but the medals are set too high. It's a real tough challenge just to reach 100,000 for bronze.Destroyer

i love mahjong but its so hard for me, but this one i can actually play! im stoked. This is a really fun twist and i love Texas hold em! fun and addicting, wish there was cool music tho! helps you think and play better!SmokeyQuartz

This game is SO addictive! I normally am not a big fan of mahjong games but this is so original! 5/5neeraffa

This would be a very good game for me if there were some more possibilities... More Jokers or more Tiles that can be clicked at once or less cards standing at the beginning.. All these factors brings the game to 10% skill and 90 % luck/patience... But all in all a good mixture of mahjong and Texas Holding^Dark~Dragon^

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