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 Bubble Shooter 
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Bubble Shooter

See full instructions inside Bubble Shooter arcade game.

Play Bubble Shooter Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
1,194,830 Plays   4.1 (170 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 18,020
All-Time Highscore: 14,222,800

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Recent play by PSG 72.


Comments about Bubble Shooter:

Why do all the games I play on here CHEAT?theRTTC!

That's exactly where it goes wrong all the time.. Yesterday i had a score over 3 million again and then it went wrong.. Got the same colour 7 or 8 times in a row and it's game over.. In my opinion it's a game of luck..PSG 72

To anybody who's had a high score, a question. I can get it down to 2 colors no problem. Then I'm sailing along 300, 500 700,000 points, then WHAM !!! !!!!! an onslaught of one color - 7,10, 12 in a row (usually with few balls allowed) No matter how good I do, no matter how well I plan for it, that many in a row is brutal. Had a game the other day got over 500,000 then 12 in a row of the same color!! (and I don't know how many more there would have been after that had the game not ended) Any suggestions?TimeBandit


I really like Bubble Shooter it's hard for me to get a good score though :) I think it has to do with not understanding how to line the different colors up. I'll keep trying.kelly15

I'm done with Bubble Shooter. It cheats like a demoncrat during a presidential election!poefranz

GAME CHEATS!poefranz

god I was magnificent.Cliffordrrrr

wow love Bubble shooter i get better everyday love Bubble Shooter soo i hope beat the Highest score i sure enjoy it wow it take a while get git doneGuerry

I can not believe I am still the monthly high score. It is already 1st of February here the States have only 11 hours to try to knock me off the pedestal. GOOD LUCKCliffordrrrr

7/21 - The game has stop showing current score. Is anyone else having that problem?csrizz

when I am playing bubble Shooter it is not saving my final score on each game. Can you please help me. I was having trouble with my computer and pass words. But I hope this problem of saving my score can be fixed. Thanks muchkphurst16

unsure yet...RollickyRuth

gets boring very quicklycberry56

how the hell did somebody get over 14 million pts? O.o they must of been playing this for a week straight! lol, damn.darkangel20


170.340 and it got me to 19th place, damn itvpoint1

i'm so adicted to Bubble Shooter SO FRIGGIN ADDICTING!!!!!!!!! love this game. ARCADEBOSS RULES"D!RTYD@N76

holareal madrid

Sooo addicting, one of my fave puzzle games!DissonantMuse

This game is for me very dangerous. Getting addicted to it. Playing it for hours once getting started. Wasting lots of time I don't have.KunmingDirk

nice i love Bubble Shooterkali

its just like a game on great day games called eggz. its good game,Fresno

another 1 i played and again a winner so glad this website was inventedinit2winit

cool game and well done 5 rated and loved it and want to play it million times but i got to school :DDannyBoy1235

finish game then push setup. when you return to game you have one bubble to shoot and empty screen... all one colour.... pop then back to setup... etc etc etc... thats how they do HS just to prove a point... wonder what HS legitimate is.ohojungo

Good game but it gets a little boring after a while.Twickerz

Relaxing game yet after a few minutes it can get rather boring. Doesn't score very well for large pops either.cberry56

....Im So ihn Love Wiid Dhis Game ; !miss.kierra

easy but it gets boring after a few minutes. takes forever to get a highscore too.darkangel20

aim shoot fire... aim shoot fire... aim shoot fire... aim shoot fire... kinda repetitive, and rigged, u need a single color to out a bunch so u get anything but that color...goldmsw

i needed a light blue to avoid losing... i got a red... i lost.... UGH!goldmsw


This game is so slow paced that it actually gets very boring after a few minutes...It definitely needs more speed.cberry56

This is too fun. You cant only play one game.cook112

dam that game is hardjonnymedina23

Damn Game is like CRACK!Avocadopunk

Bubble Shooter is a hard game for me. I cannot aim correctly. I always end up putting the bubble in the wrong spot and dying way too quickly I know alot of people do like Bubble Shooter its just not for me!SmokeyQuartz

Bubble Shooter is niceowner

This game is very fun and it is very cool i like it very much :D.Govinda


Gosh such a strgetyshun21

I love Bubble Shooter. And it's annoying in a good way when you are almost done, clearing the whole screen, and then you get a lot of balls extra. The controls are very good.ibrilman

omg wwwCharlie nice

More cow bell!almack

To get a highscore in Bubble Shooter you need:Lots of time,addiction,luck sorta, and a desire to keep playing this for a long period of time.Love Buzz

good luck allduane/diane

"Very nice shooter; The graphics are killer, and the setup button is a nice touch. The control is spot-on. This is a well polished game.".............TKTumbleKraft

I hate Bubble Shooter!fatdog

grr Bubble Shooter frustrates me, im not good at it, and the stupid thing kept giving me red balls! hardly any other color!SmokeyQuartz

FINALLY!!!!!! That 1 million mark eluded me for so long. I worked so hard for it and now I finally have my 38th gold medal!!Destroyer

Bubble Shooter is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so addictive--I can't stop playing it!!! You know you've been playing Bubble Shooter too long when you try to select what colors you have left, instead of leaving it all to chance...... I fit that description, definitely!!!!!!! My favorite is when it comes down to green and blue, or blue and yellow. Green and red kind of makes me think about Christmas, and red and yellow are just too bright. I try to knock of the cyan and purple ones first- they are my least favorite. Happy popping- go Bubble Shooter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!agent16041

I LOVE Bubble Shooter. It is really fun. I just love popping bubbles. This is the best fun I had ever had. Although it may take awhile to get into first place but still, I had fun anyway.CrimsonAngel

Finally over 70,000Beth50


gettin betterorpac

takes way to long to get a good score, especially if you're trying to beat the high score of the month.WarDuke

Cool i got my gold medal back on bubble shooter:) fantastic game, kind of simple, i prefer snood! very popular game this,easy gold here.DGG

omg!! this is the farthest ive ever in a good mood..Kassi

finally...but i can beat that score..just wait!!!!!Kassi

seriously fun and addicting...i got two of my friends playin it rite now.. their addicted to itKassi

yeah !!cutedik

hard but nicearekbos

I'm hooked!chuckee67

a vry long time can be passed by this game...........cutedik

I really enjoy this gave.chuckee67

good game, i died on purpose @ just over 500k,if you clear screen it doubles your score,so i only wanted the gold trophy to get 1mill.easiest way is to get down to two colours but you can get caught thinking the top score is a hack tho? that score in 4 minutes? anyways happy to get the gold:)pretty easy really.DGG



This is a cool way to kill time.Dana

that was an all time ? oh crud! i honestly didnt know i scored that much! but Bubble Shooter is highly addictive its like the game version of crackjew

dude.. tips on Bubble Shooter bring everything down... then make a biiig pile that u can destroy and then eventually take it out ... loads of points... all in 21 mins =) i knocked out all bubblesjew

Fun and realy good and really bubbled with fun.thad57

The problem with your car, is that it's a coffee table.Kahn

Oh, Hai I buffed your floor with my score !Kahn


awesome game---i am so addicted! i play this all the time now and just get lost in it- it can get boring, but it is really distracting and a lot of fun when you get going. very addicting, and a lot of fun!agent16041

Not worth the long and boring wait.Ernie

i like Bubble Shooterpimpdaddy

little bit boring.........prince1999

cool keep comin to site an might get bettermhigenell

this is a very fun and exciting game, i would reccomend it to everyone,i really find myself getting very stuck on this game, it's great...locagirl

I won that game by accident. I was down to four colours and trying to reduce it to three and before I knew it, I was down to only two colours, I was under 200.000 and didn't expect to last long. As luck would have it and with concentration - I managed to keep the two colours in play for a long time - In fact just before I got down to just the one colour I thought I was on my way to 2 Million. Looks like that will have to happen another day.CliffordR

its really fun i love it.locagirl

Its the best game I ever Playedbrandon mercadel


Look at that I knocked some wanker out of first spot. oops silly me - I held first spot. I was top of the Wasser for about 5 hours - I hope I hold this one for a bit longer.CliffordR

this message is primaly for tanicha - you say your having trouble getting past 30grand - you will have more luck it you get down to three colours (colors if your american) and try to hold onto those three colours even if it means purpously missing a couple so you hold onto your three colours as long as possible once you get down to two colours you wont last much longer - when you are down to three colours see then how quickly your score goes up-----good luck and sorry if I am interferingCliffordR

woopie do: I'm king pin so far this month - but seeing as it is only one scabby million I dont expect it to last for very long - However seeing as I am an old age pensioner, it makes me feel good to have one up on the young wipper snippers if it only last a minute. So come on you youngsters, lets see how long it takes you to knock this old fart off his pedestal.CliffordR

I suck at Bubble Shooter. My highest score is 30 thousand something. But getting betterTanicha

no Bubble Shooter is not just ok angelface its amazingninjacourtney

how dare you killer246 it is not boring its so addicting it should illegelninjacourtney

1st place should be lowest total points [AB - no, that is not correct.]quix

I really enjoy playing Bubble Shooter. I am not sure if I am playing it correctly as I have a hard time getting a very high score. sax556sax556

i love thia game. its addicting!!!Tanicha

Bubble Shooter is a bit too slow for me. maybe speed it up a bit. or does that happen in higher rounds?roseanne01

this gets hard on your eyes after awhiledarkangel20

very addictive, can't stop but like it!Chamoru

liked Bubble Shooter a lot.datboinick

I was the picture of concentration for almost two Hours , a flawless game (so I thought) I may have chickened out just a fraction too early. Because once I allowed my third last colour to go, within a moment I was down to one colour. And when you have only one colour left - as we all know - ITS ALL OVER. Bring on the fat shiela so she can burst into song.CliffordR

13th place! WOOHOO! Maybe one day I can be #1!nicole09

This game gets really boring after about 5 min and yet i cant stop playin the gamekilla2143

keep on going zopo and jenwren mother and daughter xxzopo

I get over 100,000 and i get 43rd place......... Whoever gets the top spot msut beat it quick or has way too much time on his hands.TALLman2

gr8 game. ended with a draw.ketilgr

Fun and addictive!agent16041

I need to practice morestaffidog

I don't know why Bubble Shooter is so addictive to me! It's a lot of fun, when I lose I get mad though! =)nicole09

hello out therenelson123

I kicked but this time!!!!WandaGoulden

pretty cool!nicole09


GOOD GAME.jose70cougar

real good!ad31066

at first I hated Bubble Shooter. but It has grown on me over time, so now I have to say I really like it now.chuckee67

my grandsons loves Bubble Shooter and its very helpful also with the other younger ones who are learning their colors. this game is fun and you can learn with it . it helps with aims and control of the balls it can also help with other games like this. keep up the great job and invent more to do more for our childern to help with learning.rochelle

if you want to know whow was wonderful just then, It was me - I finaly got into six figures - next year - the bubble shooter olympicsCliffordR

I was robbedCliffordR

I thought I was absolutely marvelous I had three colours and held off for ages trying to keep all three colours in play so as not to end the game - and my patience paid off - I got a staggering half a mill - but that is a scabby forth place - I guess I will have to be more carefull when trying to keep 3 colours in play -CliffordR

Fun game to play!Bubbles39mi

Kinda boring, although is original.Squirtle102

404000 I thought I was magnificent holding back from wiping out all the colours and when it finally finished and I got the 400grand I am deligated to 16th place - what does a man have to do to just get into the top 4 - dream I guessCliffordR

I really like Bubble Shooter. Like Phlinx, but I like this one better.Bubbles39mi

kool gameadrian444

diz game iz tightdonkie

This game is so fun!! Very addicting!!tazz0406

It's addicting!Squirtle102

I think the best way to increase your score is when your down to three or two colours (colors if your American) is to purposly miss knocking out one of the colours so you can keep getting a high score - when your down to a few colours the score goes up at an alarming rate. - Now if I could only improve my gameCliffordR

I guess my insomnia at 2 am wasn't a waste of time afterall - If I keep playing in the dead of night, I may one day get to half a mill and dare I say it. Even a millCliffordR

Bubble Shooter is boring and it looks like it never endssilentgurl23

.,,,einx.^^.. n!cE gAme..!!

most addictive game everRrR !!!!Yasmin

Bubble Shooter is best keep on popping bubblesjadegill007

good game, okayBafusa

good gameBafusa

_ Cool Game..!!lito1942

the game is okali-anna

that was fun!migue12

:) fun fun can not stop playing this game. Still can not figure out why it is soooo addicting lolxRainx


Love Bubble Shooter its soooo addicting lolxRainx

This is an awesome gamestella

I really like Bubble Shooter. But I just don't know how you guys got such high scores. I am addicted and will be up all night now. lol.christie crozier

i love Bubble Shooterstella

0k wat the hall that was easy ****stella

that was so hard i love it and ill keep tring to beet the whole world :Pstella


it is crapmonon

il really enjoy playing Bubble Shooter !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the young one

i can make better whith a mouse!?SOAD?!

not a bad game, just a little boring. needs alittle more excitementhalf pint

I have never played such an addicting game just when I thought I would stop ,I click it again!Goldfairy50

This game is sooooo addicting! love it! hope i get to the top! high score of 83rd place!olive44oink

love Bubble Shooter.WandaGoulden

the game sould be a lil diffsharkjaws16

Bubble Shooter is easy but when you play too Much that's boring.filipd

I guess I still don't understand this game enough to where you can get a pretty high score. I can get to 100,000 easy enough but not mucy farther. Maybe someone can give me a few hints.sax556

nice pass timemasanimona

Bubble Shooter is okangelface


highly addictive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!cassy0873

win win win !!!!!!!!!!!!!gregster

i'm so adicted to Bubble Shooterhealey

Pretty cool. basic game nothing fancyjohn9571

i s00o0o00o luv dis gamediontay

Kinda gets boring when 5mins comeskiller246

keep on popingtracibabb

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