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 Sonic Smash Brothers 
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Sonic Smash Brothers

Sonic Smash Brothers is an arcade smackdown with Sonic, Knuckles, Tails and Shadow. Play against the computer or just run the course in adventure mode.

Play Sonic Smash Brothers Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
1,245,978 Plays   4.2 (16 Votes)

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Comments about Sonic Smash Brothers:

Sonic Smash Brothers is so awesome this should make this a real gamekingdom hearts wolf

I got through the third stage until I died! :(Goldbug21


I LOVE SONIC THE HEDGEHOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!RyuMishima_7878

i love Sonic Smash Brothers. Its soooooo fun =)kingdom hearts wolf

I LOVE THIS GAME it is the best game ever i can't believe it!arcadeboss555555

Coolset Game EVER!!MaryTheCat

really cool game i love itCheckersKING1337

The controls must be glitched. When I play as Cream, while flying, it runs out, then she goes right through the floor. :ISaoirseSecrets

I want the Mario Bros. too and it would be Mario & Sonic Smash Brothers! :( :)SuperYoshi12458

I like Shadow, supershadow,sonic,supersonic, Knuckles, and Tails. (P.S.) thx for the cheatsSuperYoshi12458

I want to see supertails and superknuckles....SuperYoshi12458

when fighting with tails he'll team up with someone if you're stronger than him, so team up with someone if you don't attack your "teammate" they won't attack youYOMAMA63

the ez way to unlock all charaters go to the main menu hold the insert botton and click main menu and the cheat is upoverandgoneyoshi7up

I will set the high score for Sonic Smash Brothers!g0at

Good, game is good.InvaderAlexis

hey how do you pick up harts and shushTigerKid2127

Really cool. I'm very addicted to it. :3Scizor

Quite a few plays for a game with no highscores! That's something I thought I'd never see much of here. :PErnie

anyone tell me how to punch on super smash flash!AllTheHannah

This is the most played game I likt :DDragonette Lyara

can someone be friends with meeddie99

all the charecters are sonic, tails, knuckles, amy rose, cream&cheese, rouge, shadow, silver, blaze, esipo, mighty, super sonic, super shadow, and tikal. my favorites are amy cream rouge tikal and blazeAllTheHannah

cool cuz of the lives code i got to be INVINCABLE! well that just means i have 999 lives and they never run out! :D :D :D :D :DAllTheHannah

the codes work my fave charecters r: Blaze Cream Amy and RougeAllTheHannah

Sonic Smash Brothers is so cool but it should have dfferent levels...........doglover24/7

Sonic Smash Brothers is awesome!goldenfox45

Amy is stupidSonicthehedgehogITA

Hey! Have You Ever heard of toontown? It's cool! I'm a member and i get to have six toons! DID YOU HEAR ME??? 6 TOONS!!!!!!!! So cool. My first toon was Mighty Fine Feline.AllTheHannah

I have 9 charecters on Sonic Smash Brothers, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream with Cheese, Shadow, Esipo, Rouge, and Mighty! TTTTTTTTTTTHHHHHHHHIIIIIISSSSSSS SSSSOOOOOOOOOOO CCCCOOOOOOOLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!AllTheHannah

Hate alll you wantbyrddow

I GOT EVERYONEsupermario600

i HATE Sonic Smash Brotherspinky101

When you put UPOVERANDGONE if you beat all of the people you will get a new PASSWORD.jeveilleon

the cheat codes actually do work.dragonz95

The cheat codes work I just didn't do it right.Bubba097865

The cheat codes don't workBubba097865

all cheat codes upoverandgone,milesprower,chaoscontrol,g immelives,masteremerald,sonicboom,andili ke2cheat. how to do this is on the first row of buttons press the insert button (ins) and press where it says main menu and then enter them. :)eddie99

to unlock all carictors the cheat code is this EXATCLY UPOVERANDGONEeddie99

this is an awesome game but my problem is the 10 min ko, the 50 man mele, and the 100 man mele and i agree with johnx50 it is like super smash flash but easyer. :)eddie99

thx dragonz95sonicman

so close to death by car wreak after cristmas daysonicman

I just started and it is awesome! Chaos Faction is better though.Awesomanly

but i like sonic as welldragonz95

im a big fan of sonic, shadow and silver are my favouritedragonz95

try it it really worksdragonz95

hold down the insert button on the keyboard then click where it says main menu in the top left corner then type them indragonz95

where can i type in the stupid cheats? :(goldenfox45


where could i type in the stupid cheats?goldenfox45

there you go sonicman i told you the cheatsdragonz95

the cheat for to get all characters is upoverandgone for all the stages is milesprower for all star mode is chaoscontrol for infinite lives is gimmelives for tikal and hidden palace 2 is masteremerald for antigravity is sonicboom and for spawning is ilike2cheatdragonz95

pwease can SOMEBODY tell me the cheatssonicman

i know cheats for getting all of the characters,stages,unlocking tikal,infinite lives and spawning so you can never lose your lives when doing adventure mode if you wanna know the cheats i will tell youdragonz95

i beat the whole game i also have tikaldragonz95

they should add all of the super formssonicman2

what if super tails and super knuckels from sonic heroes r in the game and it will be a hit!!Mario & Sonic

it having a cheatgroomyman

groomy man how did u unlock werhogsonicman

Im are to unlock sonic the werehoggroomyman

this is the super smash bros am....sonic smash brother is like a super smash brosgroomyman

I have 9 charecters on this game.Sonic,Tails,Knuckels,Amy Rose,Cream with Cheese,Rouge,Shadow,Esipo and Mighty!AllTheHannah

i am sonics biggest fan!i met him before!it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!athomas2

this is a cool game i like because my name is tails the fox and I am a cool kid here. i kown why they call it arcade boss here because is has boss levels in it i bet this one has a boss level too! wait the these has a boss level too or not or maybe?tails the fox

oh my gosh i love sonic my dad said that he would give me sonic unleashed and it is at my grandmother`s housesonicburs7

cool! the last charater i got was cream or cheese [feter] or silver my name is sonicmansonicman

i love Sonic Smash Brothers althou some characters are also has a cool introanatharstorm

SONIC FTW... I just love sonic, my dad played it, now i play it, i played my dads old first game console i played sonic on it i had SOO much fun, i dont know what happened to the console but since i found this site and learned that this site has sonic on it i just signed up and played i really enjoy the sonic games.burgermaniac

Fun but start with 3 sonic ppl it should be at least 4Shyguy34

Sonic Smash Brothers is like a real sega game if u have contact to sega thet should make this a oficcial sonic game amazing graphics and amzing stages just maybe u should be able to save wat lvl ur on (maybe its just a glichsonic the sackboy


This game is awsome it reminded me all the sonic games & characterssonicfan

super bros sonic style!crazyman

this remind me of super smash flash gamejohnx50

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