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 Mahjong Dark Dimensions 
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Mahjong Dark Dimensions

See full instructions inside Mahjong Dark Dimensions arcade game.

Play Mahjong Dark Dimensions Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
3,823,530 Plays   4.3 (142 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: None this month
All-Time Highscore: None yet

Recent play by bsddsc1.


Comments about Mahjong Dark Dimensions:

oh what a good game. I like it very much and I will play it often.020510dekriz

uy curuju!juano

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me to0. I almost deleted the short cut, in fact I don't know why I hung on. But I am so glad it is back on. I spent some time downloading a couple of other games. They are not a scratch on Dark dimensions. I like to play the game especially after I have been on a long drive or to unwind. Lets hope it is back forever.Cliffordrrrr

Welcome back Cliffordrrr Seems the site went down Sept 23rd and just came back up about a week ago. I too was resigning myself to the fact that arcadeboss was gone for good, but I kept checking anyway and was shocked when it came back on!! I've been punching people's names to see when they were last on and until today I only found 3 or 4, but now I see several more. Enjoy it while you can, I'm still not sure about the stability of the site - the forum still is going unanswered after about nearly 5 months. Don't know what's up with the site master, I hope they're ok.TimeBandit

I don't know what happened to Mahjong Dark dimensions. But, I couldn't access it for weeks. I thought the site was finished as I have been playing for years and years. Not being able to play it left a great gaping hole in my social life. I am so pleased it is back.Cliffordrrrr

for the first time ever I got high score of the month, twice in a row. 69000 and 92000. but the month in only 3 minutes old so I expect to drop to around 25, My usual spot on the ladder.Cliffordrrrr

I love Mahjong Dark Dimensions, it's very relaxing to meIleana

Couldn't have done that if I had tried to. Been having a hard time getting good scores this month.sblank1

WHOA !!!, beautiful Sblank. How did you pull that one off? Slid perfectly into that very narrow gap into second place. Kudos. Fun month shaping up. Anyone else wanna join the party at the top?TimeBandit I was saying, I just had a fantastic game thru 7 levels - 100,000 pts and +11 minutes - then came level 8...the dreaded small cube. All I had to do is ace it and # 1 would be in my sights. Sigh !!! The only way to say it is I choked - badly. I missed at least 3, maybe 4. My final score was 209,325. Looks like I'll be holding at #3 thru the end of the month. Congrats guys. On another note, I kinda miss Zarbone. I would have loved to see him in action. I can't imagine any way of ever getting to 300,000....but he did.TimeBandit

For me, It's all about the small cube. It's the make or break level. If you get the time squares first then run the table, you get close to 17,000 points. Just one slip and it plunges to 10,000. It's also one I have trouble with. Far too often, I had good games going, then POW - the small cube popped up and ruined it. So for some time now, I've been trying to start the game with the small cube. If I mess up, nothing lost. Unfortunately, it's incredibly difficult to find a game with that as the first puzzle. There are 8 different puzzles, but often I have to go through 20, 30 even 40 or more games to find it. And even though I don't play those 30 or 40 games, they still count as games played. Bottom line - you may have noticed that it shows I've played 75,000 games In reality, I've probably only really played 10 or 15,000 games. (still too many - but it's sooo addictive) (Sometime I'll talk about the other end. - a great game going into the final round only to crash and....)TimeBandit

I agree! High scores are still a large part "luck of the time pieces" though.sblank1

Hey Sblank, looks like we have some competition ! Welcome to the club guys :)TimeBandit


Congratulations Moreplucky !TimeBandit

Doesn't seem to be anyone home. I inquired as to when they would rest the scores - no answer. They did have a note how they were stopping the cash payments for some of the tournaments. Anyone know what's up at Arcade boss?TimeBandit

After years of playing Mahjong Dark Dimensions, I finally got a second place entry. Yippee!!!luvgames

great game. tricky.nowurmessingwith

Hey !! Congratulations Masjonaise. Sooo close to joining the 200 club. (don't look for me to top you, I'm in a terrible slump. I'm struggling to make 180 the last month or 2 :)TimeBandit

MY BEST SCORE EVERgreeneggsiam


My favorite game of allgreeneggsiam

You ever go thru a period (like a month) where it feels like the game is just fighting you? It throws up every impossible combination possible, it places matching squares on opposite sides of the figure, where you have 2 matching time pieces on the surface of the figure that you can't get free and when you hit shuffle, it buries them deep inside the figure? Like some GameMaster decides "Hey ! I think I'll have some fun with everyone this week". As bad as I've been doing this month, any of a number of people should have passed me, but they haven't. Any one else having a bad month too?TimeBandit

Okay, I used to score in the mi 50s. I was awy from the computer for about 6 mos. and now I''m scoring in the upper 20s. But..what I really don't like is this site seems to have shorted the time a person can play before the games time out and now the only games I can complete before timing out are the very short ones. Frustrating! Why was this done?rosiolady

This is one of the best games made and my personal favorite :)mightybear

<a href= >شرك&am p;#1577; عزل اسط 581; مبل 591;ة وغي 585; مبل 591;ة بال 580;بيل </a> <a href=> كشف تسر 576;ات الم 610;اة بال 583;مام وال 575;حسا&am p;#1569; </a> <a href= >شرك&am p;#1577; مكا 601;حة حشر 575;ت بال 580;بيل </a> <a href= >افض&am p;#1604; شرك 577; نظا 601;ة منا 586;ل بال 575;حسا&am p;#1569; </a> <a href= >غسي&am p;#1604; خزا 606;ات بال 583;مام </a> <a href= >شرك&am p;#1577; مكا 601;حة حشر 575;ت برا 587; تنو 585;ة </a> <a href= >شرك&am p;#1577; عزل اسط 581; بال 580;بيل </a> <a href= >كشف تسر 610;ب الم 610;اة بال 583;مام </a> <a href= >كشف تسر 576;ات الم 610;اة باب 602;يق </a> <a href= >كشف تسر 576;ات الم 610;اة باب 602;يق </a> <a href= >كشف تسر 576;ات الم 610;اة بسي 607;ات وعن 603; </a> <a href= >نظا&am p;#1601;ة شقق بال 583;مام وال 602;طيف </a> <a href= >شرك&am p;#1577; عزل خزا 606;ات بال 583;مام </a> <a href= >شرك&am p;#1577; غسي 604; خزا 606;ات بال 583;مام الخ 576;ر الق 591;يف </a> <a href= >كشف تسر 576;ات الم 610;اة راس تنو 585;ة </a> <a href= >كشف تسر 576;ات الم 610;اة بال 583;مام وال 575;حسا&am p;#1569; </a> <a href= >شرك&am p;#1577; عزل مائ 609; بال 583;مام وال 582;بر وال 602;طيف الج 576;يل </a> <a href= >كشف تسر 576;ات الم 610;اة بال 583;مام وال 582;بر وال 602;طيف وال 580;بيل </a> <a href= >كشف تسر 576;ات الم 610;اة بال 602;طيف </a> <a href= >كشف تسر 576;ات الم 610;اة بال 580;بيل </a> <a href= >كشف تسر 576;ات الم 610;اة بال 575;حسا&am p;#1569; </a> <a href= >افض&am p;#1604; شرك 577; كشف تسر 576;ات بال 582;بر </a> <a href= >شرك&am p;#1577; عزل أسط 581; بال 583;مام </a> <a href= >شرك&am p;#1577; كشف تسر 576;ات الم 610;اه بال 583;مام </a> <a href= >شرك&am p;#1577; مكا 601;حة الح 588;رات بال 583;مام وال 582;بر </a> <a href= >افض&am p;#1604; شرك 577; نظا 601;ة بال 583;مام وال 582;بر </a> <a href= >افض&am p;#1604; شرك 577; تسل 610;ك مجا 585;ى بال 583;مام </a> <a href= >شرك&am p;#1577; سوا 593;د </a>swaadd

Hey, What happened to the scores. At least 2 people disappeared. Bleasy82 and Sulf74. Did they close up shop or is there a glitch ?TimeBandit

I love Mahjong Dark Dimensions! I am addicted to it. I play it all the time.Tish1029

Finally! What a great game!Tish1029

I love this Dark Dimensions Mahjong; it's so addicting. i LOVE IT!! I've been playing online for 3-days straight. 2day I'm tired and all thumbs..., no humph. --THU; 03262015PBME_03262015

FINALLY !!!!! I've joined the 200,000 club. But this stinks - The February scores are still up. This won't count for March ?TimeBandit

Well, that didn't take long.TimeBandit

WOW !!.....A fierce battle for first place. If only February was only 3 days long instead of 28. I think I've hit my peak for the month. Who can top me first ?TimeBandit

Very addictivebriella

Ok ... its been a long wait, but I have finally cracked the 300+ mark (almost every frame went perfect - I reached the final frame with almost 15 minutes and a score of 170). The total score possible could be in the range of 350. I will try and post a game on youtube and show how I get these high scores but other than that I think I will take a long break from the game.zarbone

wooppy do. I am best of the month. Big deal. the month is only 16 hours old and only 2 hours old in the states. Anyhow I have my fifteen seconds of fame.Cliffordrrrr

WOW! I forgot how hard this Mah Jongg game is after being away from it for so many years!zee0115

TimeBandit: Lets start with the 30 second. What I was saying is that a good indication of how well you are doing is to finish the small cube with a 25+ combo and having gained around 30 second. The combos are really important, when you get to over 20 the score for each additional one grows exponentially (a 20 combo gets you around 7,500, a 30 combo around 15,000, a 40 combo around 25,000 and a 50 combo around 40,000). When I wrote about moving the cubes what I meant is that they only way to get long combos is to think ahead. Some of the cubes you have to move around as you are solving them. Additionally, it is vital that you get the time bonuses (reshuffle if necessary a few times). Lastly, the final puzzle is the hardest. The most important thing is to get the time bonuses (at least 2-3 quickly). I tend to reshuffle several times. Because it has soo many pieces I sometimes am unable to get all 4 time bonuses quickly (mostly I only get 3 out of the 4). With regard to combos, I rarely manage to get over 30 on that stage. I have done 50-60+ but these have been an exception. The most important part is the time bonuses, this is what gives you the high scores on the last puzzle. A good indication of doing well is finishing the whole things and having over 14 minutes left on your timer. That should give you a score close to or over 200. And, getting to the final stage with 10 minutes is good, but it is not a strong time. You can (regardless of combos) finish with over 12 minutes (my best is 15 - but I normally do 13).zarbone

Alright !! Will someone please tell me how to solve the last puzzle ????? For the thousandth time I reached it with a strong time (@10 min) and a strong score only to slam against a brick wall. With the time cubes scattered, I have 2 choices: keep reshuffling to get them in a favorable position, burning thru clock time in the process or ignoring them and try to put together a streak - also burning thru clock time. Strangely enough, the past couple of weeks I've suddenly mastered the giant cube. Zarbone, how do you approach the final round ? How do you balance the time cubes with the combo streaks ? Also, in your last post, you made 2 references I'd like you to expand upon. You mention having to "move cubes" Could you please explain this? And you mention a 30 second time bonus. I've always wondered about this as sometimes I have better times than others, but I am unable to watch the clock and play the game at the same time. Can you tell us more on this ? Thanks.TimeBandit

I think the greatest challenge is the combos and timing your selections so that you are always looking 2 ahead. I've had over 14 minutes left before, but not the combos to push the base high.sblank1

287 ... but I had 300+ in my grasp! A few hints ... to get high scores you must be able to finish, before the final bonus round, with a time of around 11+ minutes and at least 100,000 points. For reference, I got to the final stage with almost 14 minutes and around 170,000. So you can potentially make up around 130+ in the final round.The secret is to get the time ones early (if need be reshuffle a few times) and get combos of 30-40 (some you can get to 50 and on the final stage even higher: my best is 65). To get those combos you need to focus but also move the cubes, at times I have to move them constantly to get more matching tiles. The best stage to practice on is the single cube. You need to be able to finish in one go (normally 27-30 combo) and with a 30 second time bonus. The two floating rectangles is probably the hardest stage. I can say now with proof that the scores can go over 300.zarbone

My favorite competitor: Sblank. Always better than me, always just within reach. Now, if I can just break my old record of 188,600 before.......TimeBandit

I've had several opportunities to get the disconnected floating cubes. It actually works to your advantage because you see the game at an angle, which gives you a better view of the entire game. The key to success is knowing where the open cubes are; and I wish I could instruct one on how to identify them but it's hard to explain. Once I get to the 200+ level, I will slow it down and figure it how.luvgames

this has got to be one of the greatest games of all time!!! A true test of one's ability to improve one's ability lol I am still not quite able to get anywhere near the A.T.H.S. but as for my own personal achievements getting better every time I play. no doubt 5* star game!!!@$_I_L@Y_DYING

Big Z...I keep trying! :)sblank1

sblank1: if you can get 222 there is no reason why you can't get 250+zarbone

Z.....I still don't see how you get those high scores so easily. My all-time high was absurd with lucky matches/time allotment.sblank1

Easier said than done Zarbone. I bow to you.abrock1951

As I promised, some tips that may help others. To get a high score, you need to both get a high base score and a high time score. My weakness was I could get one or the other (a high base and a low time or a low base and a very high time) but had trouble getting both. Your primary goal for each level should be to grab all the time squares first, then you can focus on putting together strings of pairs - the longer the string, the higher the score. But there are 2 catches: first, you cannot have back-to-back time pairs. If you do, the second one won't count. 2 time pairs must be separated by 1 non-time pair. However back-to-back matching NON-time pairs will get you bonus points. Second, a time pair will break a string, If you do, say, 10 in a row, then do a time pair, the streak ends and you must start all over. The quirkiest part - for those who haven't noticed, MJDD is actually setup to help you. Each time you click a pair, the puzzle shifts on it's own and a new matching pair will appear. And to fully take advantage of this, it helps to actually slow down your play speed. If you try to go as fast as possible, the puzzle doesn't have a chance to shift. Slow it down just a a bit (but not so much that the streaks are broken) and you can better visually pick up the next pair to click. (there is at least one exception: the 3 floating layers - this one seems to work better by going faster). There's still parts I haven't figured out, I have inadvertently clicked non-matching squares only to have them count as a match. I haven't figured out a pattern or how to utilize it yet. OH, HEH, Can anyone tell me about this: there have been times when I spun the puzzle fast back and forth and suddenly it flew apart - all the cubes became disconnected, floating independently of each other. Has this happened to anyone else ? and is there a way to use this to your advantage ? It would seem to me that it was designed to do this for a reason. Having said all this, as Sblank pointed out, there is an incredible amount of luck involved. I am currently in a slump where the game is burying the time squares deeply inside the puzzles and no matter how many times I shuffle it, they won't both come to the surface at the same time (the small cube and Saturn {large cube with ring around it} are the worst). I hope this is some help to others and if anyone can add more, I'd like to hear from themTimeBandit

I use same strategy as Zarbone...but never got scores near what he does. Guess you have to get lucky with the combos. My all-time high score had > 15 minutes left on the clock. Good Luck!sblank1

ZOWIE !! Got a big grin on my face when I saw your name at the top. I'll give it my best shot.TimeBandit

Your Turn. :)sblank1

Zarbone, Thank you for your response. You may not realize it, but the information you provided proved to be invaluable. Not only do I understand your success, but by combining what you've told us with what I've learned playing the game had enabled me to blow through my old record. What I find most fun about MJDD is the competitive aspect, jumping other people and, yes ,I actually enjoy seeing other people jump me. (I'm looking forward to Sblanks next move)(and to clarify my remarks of a couple weeks ago, I don't mind Zarbone being #1, it was doing it on the last day that irked me - so please don't sit out the month because of me) To that end, as you have helped me, I would like to pay it forward and try to help the other players improve their play. In my next post, I will try to lay out the tricks and strategies that have helped me. I hope others will find it useful in improving their scores.TimeBandit

Time Bandit: I don't think I know something other players don't, and I don't think there are any real secrets in the game (will try and record a game and post it to show). It took me a while to crack the 200 mark. The only thing I can say is that you need to get very high combos and good time management ... so for example, on the large wall like stage, I normally get between 40-50 in a row (which translates to over 40,000 in one go); and I have managed over 60 for the final stage a few times. I also normally get to the final stage with at least 12 minutes on the clock (the best I have done is almost 15). I think the scores could potentially go up to the low 300s.zarbone

Zarbone, Please excuse the edge in my comment. After coming that close and losing it. I knew you were lurking out there, but I was hoping you were planning to sit out the month. But I have to ask you. I've uncovered several quirks, tricks and secrets that increase scores. With everything I know, if everything went my way and I played an absolute perfect game, I can see a top score for me between 190-195 - which is in line with the other best players here.(currently I top out in the low 170's and not very often). Your scores are in a universe of their own. Question: Do you know something no one else does ? Have you uncovered the greatest secret of all that enables you to rack up monster scores each time you play? If so, I don't expect you to share it, but I would like to know if there is something else out there I should keep searching for. And congratulations on another win.TimeBandit

Fair point Time Bandit ... Will try to be more understanding. Its just that the game is my way of taking my mind off work.zarbone

Thanks a lot, Zarbone. You just cost Sblank a first place finish and me, my first trophy. We know you own this game. How about giving the rest of us a chance.TimeBandit

my favorite gamegreenegssiam

180,800 Wow - I wish I did have a video of that one. It just came out of nowhere. I'd been struggling for some time now - could barely break 140. Suddenly Mahjong Dark Dimensions everything just clicked for me. Broke my old record by 8,000. This may well be the upper limit for me. I salute the 11 ahead of me.TimeBandit

Time Bandit and Zarbone you can record your gameplay with this... 3633_4-10004511.html Then you just upload your video to youtube and then post the video in the forums it's very easy. Post it in this link.... t=2456&highlight=game+tips I hope this helps.rogbow

Zarbone - I'm not an expert in that field, but I do know that they make external game capture devices for Xbox, PlayStation and others. I don't know if they can record from a PC. Looking at YouTube, it appears most people go the simple route - point a video camera at the screen and post it. YouTube has videos of several different versions of Mahjong DD being played. Anyone out there know of a better way??TimeBandit

Time Bandit: how do I post a game?zarbone

Zarbone - how about posting video of one of you games online so we can all see you in action.TimeBandit

Congrats zarbone!! You are killing us.abrock1951

Love Mahjong Dark Dimensions, but sure have been some difficult puzzles lately. It's giving me fits. Still love it though.abrock1951

wow how amazingly anger invoking must try again.casinogiant

for almost 24hours I was unable to play DD. I do not know what happened to the site. One thing for sure. It left a great gaping hole in my solial life.Cliffordrrrr

I can't believe it. I had a scabby 67,000 going into tha last stage. I was only up to 75,000 when I completed the last frame. Then in a blink of an eye my score shot up to 115,000. I guess it all depends on how quickly one can finish the last frame.Cliffordrrrr

I get a great deal of satisfaction from playing Mahjong DD but I find it annoying when a pop up would occur inviting me to win anything from a pin to an elephant. I used to immediately close the offending promotion. this would close, but also close dark dimensions. However I have found if I click on the game (when the pop up arives) the pop up goes into the background and I can continue to play the game.Cliffordrrrr

Practiced Mahjong Dark Dimensions in my sleep last night - highly addictive. One of the few games that I don't mute the sound/music.RollickyRuth

Feeding my addiction! This is my favorite version of Mahjong.RollickyRuth

highly, highly addictive game! can only find the shortened version on other sites.RollickyRuth

I've always liked Mahjong Dark Dimensions.I am a fan of anything mahjong.I'm not as quick in this version but I enjoy trying to beat my high score.sianpudo

Dark dimensions is a great game..I can stop but why does it stop after so many games and gives me a final score? It used to go on longer..or so I thought.GRAMMY-D

I really love your games, but sure they were bigger cant seem to make them larger, sure have a lot to learn.fitmema

Oh, come on! 10 minutes ago I scored 37,00 and was in 6th place, and just now I scored a win at 83,000 and I'm still in 6th place? I have to admit I really like being one of the first to play in the first month so I can get a high placement no matter how low I score...rosiolady

sure wish your games had bigger pieces as is hard to see them and I Really enjoy them except for being able to see them.fitmema

my eyesight is not best and game moves so quick have trouble enlargingfitmema

so addictiveangelina balerina

Why is time not being added?csrizz

Mahjong Dark Dimensions has been difficult lately. maybe it's just me. just saying.abrock1951

Love playing Mahjong Dark Dimensions but my computer shuts down if I play too fast. Very frustrating. Bought a cooling pad thinking the computer was over heating but that does not help. Love the game and will have to take computer in for a check-up so that I can up my scores:)csrizz

I love Mahjong Dark Dimensionss , to my lifeytefh

Really interesting how at the beginning of a month I can be first, second or third place, and it not so slowly creeps up until at the end of a long month, I can be in the 60s. Another "interesting" thing is how sometimes I can make a really good score and click to submit it, the game "jams" and I never get the score posted. Oh well, it's not earthshaking. The game is mostly fun and certainly addictive.rosiolady

Good game but i could have done better lolsquirt

o segredo para se fazer muitos pontos, é chegar ao final com tempo sobrando. O score final é acrescido de pontos de acordo com o tempo que sobrou. Terminei com 81.000, sobrando 4 min Pulou para 112.000chica bandida

In first place - first time ever, but not for long!vidman

I wonder how a person's place in the scoring is figured. For example, if it says I am 54th (that's pretty common for me), does it mean 54 out of 100 or 54 out of however many people are playing, or what? I don't know where to look to find out.rosiolady

not sure whats going on but when I hit start it gets stuck on the loading images screen and won't load!!! very frustrating... love the game but this I have issues with lol. anyway sorry 4 the rant. : ) (ARCADEBOSS RULES) : )D!RTYD@N76

Amen to that, bullgal!!!abrock1951

Thank you, Webmaster, for fixing this game. It's the best holiday gift!bullgal

71,500--This is the highest score I have ever got playing any Mah Jon Dark Dimensios GamE! I think the games are very random as far as how hard they are, so you never know what you'll get, but this run was startling and amazing! Of course it's true that sometimes my speed and skill are better or worse than others, but overall I think this is largely a game of chance.rosiolady

Still no repair to Dark Dimensions I see. Odd that a game so heavily played is ignored by the support staff.MoniqueDC

por favor arreglen este juego que no carga!!!!!!!!!!juano

Me too, bull gal. Let's hope it's soon or I might have to do housework!vidman

Please Webmaster, fix Mahjong Dark Dimensions! I'm going through withdrawal!bullgal

Heureca!!!!! O jogo não precisa terminar!!! O segredo está naquela etapa que diz You Won!!! Restando 15 segundos ou mais de tempo, o jogo continua e os pontos não zeram. Maravilha !!!!!Haja rapidezchica bandida

Mahjong dark dimensions doesnt load. Havent been able to play the game for a week now. only game I have this problem with so I knwo it isnt on my end.sp1965

it is adictiveangelina balerina

offfffffff,try again!!!!!!!!!elly

I've been playing for a while, I am pretty good at this; however, I can't seem to get passed 110,000. What is the secret to increasing your score? Is there a way to double points? HELP!!!!!!!!luvgames

finally,i am on the first place..............but that doesn't take long.......cause they are a few sharks out there who eat this game...........hahahhahahelly

still trying to get 200000......difficult!!elly

Timer...dsmn! but funrtkiii

I'm pretty bad at mahjong games, and this one is quite difficult. It's so incredibly addicting though. :PDissonantMuse

Second place! Hooray. Bet that doesn't last long.vidman



Had 100K+ before registering - frustrating or what!vidman

This game is so addicting.Metanoia

finally a better scoreelly

ok,still not enough!!!!elly

Woohoo!!! 15+ minutes left on the clock and a new all-time high!sblank1

wow i got it nowelly

All about speed, banking growth time, and getting repeat matches!sblank1

how do you guys make 200000 points???I can not do more than 107000......elly

I keep trying, it's fun but it's a tough game.got2win


I need to pick up speed. I feel as though I need two more eyes.got2win

me envicié con Majongjuano

This game is my tranquilzer in lifeprairiegirl39

I keep getting "You Won" and the game goes off. Is this on some sort of time restraint?prairiegirl39

Great challenging game.prairiegirl39

Love playing the game. Just can't seem to get one of those super high scores.cberry56

I believe that this is one of the most relaxing games there it, yet it still challenges your mind and eyes at the same time without whacking your brain or straining your eyes.cberry56


addictive, very, very addictivedragonslayer

i love Mahjong Dark Dimensionsdragonslayer

Why is it that when there are two bonus points in a row the second one wont give the bonus points, its really frustratinghockeydebbie

Graet aI got 96400kobkeaw

It's very excite games but I make score just 27500 only. Very far from 1st position.kobkeaw

this is too slow i will stick to the my yearbook versionfiresoul

I'm stuck, can anybody give me any tips to increase my scores?angeltrumpet49

This Mahjong Dark demensions is only giving difficult screens , I can't beat my high scoreangeltrumpet49

gotta love Mahjong Dark Dimensionssunnyamandaj

Really a shame when aq person has to cheat to win a tournament.cberry56

Most addictive game I have ever played.cberry56

I love this gane.It is the most challenging one that I ever played.cberry56

good lucktoni56

Hey, Mahjong Dark Dimensions rocks, and this site rocks, but has anyone here checked out the games site PlayItOnTheWeb!? Over 11000 flash games and a very addictive set-up of the whole site. Lots to do. Check it out people! I know this sounds like an ad, but it's genuinely just my opinion! I can't get enough!!!! It MUST be recommended, even if I'm the one who has to do it!!!Melglora

MDD is so totally awesome . Once you get started it becomes so very addicting.cberry56

1ST PLACE at last :) yayshesekmatok


Mahjong es mi favorito a pesar que se lajea muchas vecesjuano

I love Mahjong Dark Dimensions!MarieRagusaWeeks

I am addicted to Mahjong Dark Dimensions, it is a challenge that I cant yet beat.hockeydebbie

89th place! wooooohoooo im getting better! lolSmokeyQuartz

Love Mahjong Dark Dimensions, perhaps too much. However, it is frustrating when I attain my highest score ever, and it won't record it because of "server" errors.bucket3

i don't care anymore about the last 2 messages I sent him but why does he choose to respond to certain people and other people can just F off? It's a shame I had to make this public. I don't send him messages anymore but does anyone else have this same problem?Gunnar002

music isnt too bad, you know i have to have a game with some good music, it helps you do better! wish there was more time, dont we all need just a little more time! lolSmokeyQuartz

"I'm back in the sattle again"Sailor

12-15-10 still not uo dating scores !!Sailor

Just scored 100050 and score not updated, whats wrong with it this month!!jeyoung

Why is it not up dating new scores?Sailor

I own the mahjong dimensions deluxe. I love the game, but it doesn't link up with facebook like bejeweled blitz does. You are on your own. This is why I love "dark dimensions" at least (when my scores actually post) I get an idea of how I am comparing with others.mchetkin


I love Mahjong Dark Dimensions but it won't record my newest scores!!! What's the problem?auntrere

Majong Dark Dimensions is a fun and challenging game, except for when it occasionally doesn't record your score, which has happened to me on numerous occasions.WarDuke

I dont like Mahjong Dark Dimensions..LOL never have liked it..BlehMetalgirlPlush

Mahjong Dark Dimensions is frustrating and fun at the same time i really like it a ltjerica

I like playing Mahjong Dark Dimensions too much!rv3137

Great game but the blocks take way too much time to be cleared. Needs to move faster.amos1302

I really Enjoy Mahjong Dark Dimensions. its a great matching time gameshyane101

Very addictive!!!!! I love playing Mahjong...star_let_00

very addicting, but an excellant game, my favoriteterryslittlegirl

Ive never liked Mah Jong tile games, but when dark dimensions came out i fell in love! lol Its fun and puts a great twist on a boring game! I love it! Its tricky but i can play it for hoursSmokeyQuartz

Best mahjongg game yet!EurekaRaider

love the game, but want to get higher scores...any bonus rounds or new ways to scfore more?kskmv3

This game rocks!!!!!EurekaRaider

great game to play, the only problem with it is the lagWarDuke

love itpatsy.powers

Thhis game would be a lot more fun, if there was not sooooo much lag when in play...anyone else having the same problem?chantell

Another facebook refugee here! So far I suck at Mahjong Dark Dimensions, but I'm addicted anyway!AuntSue

just found Mahjong Dark Dimensions and i love it.verdie

brilliant game I am totaly addicted already!zarasdreamz

totally it!!zarasdreamz

When playing Mahjong Dark Dimensions my cubes take ages to disappear once matched. Does anyone else have this problem. or is it due to my computer?janelux

I finally got to play and complete the huge screen which comes up after 60,000 I completed it with over 3 minutes to spare but it just told me I won and wouldn't let me play anymore - I feel robbed with 3 minutes to spare I could have given the next level a bit of a shake up - so the chances of me ever getting top score have been stymiedCliffordR

Would love to see the game have a pause action and a way to lower the quality of the images in order to speed up the actual game.kitsiru

It eats up all my comp's memory @_@"""kitsiru

its fun but annoyingKassi

Slooooooow and frustrating but very addictive...Zharah

it's very good but how to make it faster to replay or restart the game ?arekbos

i cant believe that i cant get passed my scorebradshawamanda

soo slow too load or is my computer?????bradshawamanda

so addictive but yet so frustrating grrrbradshawamanda

First started playing Mahjong Dark Dimensions on FaceBook and got into it......Couldnt reload it on FB so looked up Mahjong Dark Dimensions and it brought me to this sight....Love Mahjong Dark Dimensions soooo much.......So addictive.......bradshawamanda

Whew! I LOVE Mahjong Dark Dimensions! Just hit a new high score...yeah me finger is sore, can hardly type!!Elesjay

Well 78th position for now! lets see now long before I go to down again, sometimes up...sometimes down. Hopefully I'll continue improving..lez

I need to improve my game, not doing never well in my scores, need someone to teach me how to get higher scores. Could probably get my 1yr old neice to play she would probably do better!!lez

This games is addictive.lez

I am so bad at this!!!lollez


I love it!! the down side is, it's slow to rotate and match, other than that i still love the game!! :)justbringit71

Mahjong Dark Dimensions moves entirely tooo slow.smisha

just what i need in my life another addiction lol well hopefully it isnt leathalmisticdancer

love Mahjong Dark Dimensions zen blessings to allmisticdancer

I got 26,900 and shot up to 75th spot - Today I get 30000 and am relegated to 78th spot - as if the game wasn't frustrating enough alread7CliffordR

love it!!saba

Join "Mahjong Dark Dimensions High Score Group" on Facebook!!BlestDaisy


Why does it not count the bonus seconds when you do two pairs of bonus dice in a row?MoniqueDC

And alas...the moment t'is gone! Farewell sweet score, may flights of angels sing thee to thy rest! LOL!sblank1

even 4 a moment... yay!!! :)shesekmatok

Love the game...but maybe time to retire with an "unbeatable" best! Almost 14 minutes left on the clock at finish!sblank1

Like this version of the game, but wish there was just a little more time at the start like on some of the others online.beckbeth


I love Mahjong Dark Dimensions.cmb0368

So how do I get more points in Dark Dimensions. I've gotten up to 106,000 but can't get farther. It ends the game before I've enuf points!!christieh

Dark Dimensions is so much better than the regular Mahjong dimensions. I like trying to race to get the extra time bonuses.kayrose

Mahjong Dark Dimensions is soooo addictive!!!TAmbuehl74


2 weeks dedicated with 4 minutes to spare! it's about time i beat it. so addicting it's not even funny!spotlessdream


Mahjong Dark Dimensions is way to freekin addicting. I can't seem to pull my self away from it to get anythng else done. my hubby is way mad at me lolcrazybitch6738

i agree, duno how u get them high scores, i been tryin for days on end & highest got was 82k :/demonican9el

Got 165K by banking ALOT of time upon completion (12 minutes left). That racks up big points. Don't know how they got 170K as I thought 165 was absurd.sblank1

How does everyone get those huge scores? My highest is only 90 something!erjunky

it's so addictive and fun. once you get done with one game you are ready to play again.daisymay09

mahjong is fun and chalangeingsnowbell

Mahjong Dark Dimensions is fun, different, and I like it. I've been a Mahjong fan for a long time, and I think Mahjong Dark Dimensions is highly original.JJenkins

the more u play Mahjong Dark Dimensions the better ur chances r good its lik i can't get enough of playing Mahjong Dark Dimensions i know am alwaise making comments but its just so addictive that its unstoppable 4 me i lik the challenge of itChamoru

its relaxing and its different from other mahjong games its just so simple that it is addictive & i always seem 2 play it on & on....I LOVE ITChamoru

very addictive i luv Mahjong Dark DimensionsChamoru

lik thisChamoru

I love Mahjong Dark Dimensions, it's very relaxing to me.cherokee67

Very addictive game...just when you think you're unbeatable, you improve your own best!sblank1

I love Mahjong Dark Dimensions. It is very addictive! :)JCFreaks1608

I love playing Mahjong.Bubbles39mi

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