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 Mahjongg Toy Chest 
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Mahjongg Toy Chest

See full instructions inside Mahjongg Toy Chest arcade game.

Play Mahjongg Toy Chest Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
267,440 Plays   3.8 (44 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 9,604
All-Time Highscore: 11,797

Recent play by jeepers.


Comments about Mahjongg Toy Chest:

If you don't want to submit your score, just hit the reload arrow on your browser without clicking submit.luckykid

I cannot figure out the scoring system on Mahjongg Toy Chest! How does one accumulate the penguins that appear on the right hand side? What does the "3 dolls = 3" mean at the bottom at the end of the game?RollickyRuth

feeding the addiction... I don't get how the penguins on the right are accumulated.RollickyRuth

fun one for my kids to playRollickyRuth

I wish they had Play again instead of submitting the score every time.wh2angel

Wish you would not have to post your score on this one.wh2angel

I think I'm officially addicting to Mahjongg games now XD. So addicting, I give this one a 4 out of 5.DissonantMuse

i like the challenge of mahjonggdaphnelb12

I do not see how anyone can relax with toy chest mahjongg, it tenses me to the max. I always think I know I can do better this time...lickylu

Can I buy a teddy bear?tdickensheets

I recently started playing Mahjongg and I really enjoy this version.got2win

I love the toyz, but they sure are tricky..dizzymizlizzy

im not a huge fan of mahjong but i do like mahjongg toy chest this version, and its nice how each time you play they change up the layout! and the little bonuses you get are nice!SmokeyQuartz

I wish that we did not need to post the score each time.wh2angel

completed the game and ended up with a low score, (just over 6,000), how does that work out then??Julie

You should not have to submit score every time on toy chest.wh2angel

I love the game, but I cannot get the staircase,wh2angel

I like Mahjong gardenswh2angel

Nice game. The 'change view' button came in handy sometimes.ibrilman

I enjoy the game, but it hurts my neck. I can't seem to play without tilting my head to the left - LOL!AuntSue

how can i get giftsmamm

Too slow for mekayrose

This is addicting. It took a few days for me to reach a score over 9,000. I've never been able to get all 11 gifts in any version of Mahjongg Toy Chest to date.rorypaws

It's a good way to wind down and relax. I love the little music tones. And I keep playing to increase my score.daisymay09

Playing Mahjongg Toy Chest is a fun way to relax. I love trying to increase my own top score.CaliforniaViv

this is a cute version of Mahjonhg I really like it.xRainx

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