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 Street Fighter 
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Street Fighter

Arrow keys to Move. 1 Kick Low. 2 Kick High. 4 Hit Low. 5 Hit High. 7 Run. 8 Roll. See instructions for advanced moves.

Note: This game can sometimes have score submit problems. Also the farther into the game you get the greater the chance of a problem. Nobody said street fighting was gonna be easy.

Play Street Fighter Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
589,370 Plays   4.1 (26 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: None this month
All-Time Highscore: None yet

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Comments about Street Fighter:

come on!! i was at 2 million and something points and it stoped loading DINKLEBERG!!youngmonkies

come on!! i was at 2 million and something and it stoped loading DINKLEBERG!!youngmonkies

Awesome game guys and really fun, i had all the combos working for me. Some of you are wondering how to play the game; the "Num Lock" button lets you play with 1 and 2 being kick, and 4 and 5 being punch, 7 is to run into opponent. I love Ken because damn, i always do front,down,front and 4 which is "soriyuken" and "hadouken" sometimes, and down,back 1 which is the spinning kicks, and front,down,front 1 which is combo kicks, go Ken Masters!sydthekid747

let me comment and say this none of yall cant beat me i mastered sf every since i jus went thru the whole game even though it freezes after akuma why cheat 2 get a hi score that doesnt exist play the regular 3rounds and lets get it on and craccin or du i have 2 start a tourny?Charlie nice

street Fighter is ahard game but it is coolFat Albert

Why does it have problems with hi score submit? I just lost my 7 000 000 hi score :(Jugdjay

Disregard that last comment of mine, the person I thought I was was really my opponent and the person I thought was my opponent was really me. I think the high score list is glitched, though. I had a score well above 0 and it still said my score was 0.Ernie

The game won't let me do anything. The commands list in the game appears to be broken. My character is just standing there, letting himself get beaten.Ernie

....I need my joystick and 4 buttons =(. Keep hitting the wrong onesGreenfox

I have the first place with a score of: 2,155,000. Not meant to be the best, but I'm pretty good at Street Fighter. I have cleverly discovered many techniques in many Gamesīs Street Figther. I am agree with Lonny, you have to play 5 rounds, winning 2 and losing 3. or well, you have to play 3 rounds, winning 1 and losing 2, any form its work. The important is to repeat the play again to make points. But, how submit a score??? OK. Simple, if you repeated the game 20 times, 20 times x 5 rounds, you have wait 100 rounds dying alway. You just wait until you die and you can submit your score. GOOD LUCK!!.ryu2009

Street Fighter need real skills to play once to perfect it you might dont want to play anyother game its interesting:)yout247

wow-g@me 2 hot But w@t Bout my hi scoreCharlie nice

Street Fighter is so cool can you give it more characters(in a good way)deerhino900

Street Fighter is SICK!!!bmxpro2k4

wasnt what i expected it to be really gives a bad name to the accual machine game of street fighter :( it sad i was hopeing it was like the same one it kinda is in a aspect but not entirelyeyezofadevil

Was FUN and awesome. Street Fighter was pretty hard from the beginning. the first dude kept kicking my butt. but after one retry i destroyed him.Gerf

I bet some of you are wondering how the heck can one get such a high score here. Well I'm gonna tell ya. At the start of the game you see the 1 player option. On the flashing arrows click it till you come to OPTIONS Were you see ROUNDS hit the space bar and set it to round 3. On QUALITY set it to low, game plays faster, on "Difficulty" Set it to low. Now option 2 an 3 are mainly for slower computers or those that want faster game play. Leave time at 00. Lets go back. Now choose your player. I like using ken for his 4+5 combo hits. Your player may very. Start game. During play you should only win rounds 1 and 2 only, then fight 3 4 and 5 but loosing to you opponent in all 3 rounds. Reason for this it the game will kick you back to round 1. "Then Repeat winning 1 - 2 " and so on. Keep in mind by winning any round after 2 will result in the fighting a new opponent and ending up at the certain level where the game will freeze up. Now you know my secret to winning Street Fighter. Happy playing all.Lonny

I am kicking butt.simpson97

i love all Street Fighterskyle1800


why is it that the game keeps starting over.....even if i get beat in two rounds it keeps my score and doesn't submit anything....HOW do you actually submit a score in Street Fighter?KTWORLD

KILL KILL KILL!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH AND GOOD GAMEsimpson97

There's much discussion (here: 134.html ) about intermittent problems with Submitting Scores in Street Fighter. So even if u do beat a high score, don't count your chickens until/unless it 'Submits' ok! You Have Been Warned. ;-)Eagle_Kiwi

Who da beatch now..Lonny

Check it out!sonic3000

On this version theirs a glitch that allows you to cheat , I know it others know it. The glitch allows you to manipulate the score. This version shouldn't allow you to save high scores. MHO. ->"my honest opion".Lonny

it was AWESOME!rext jr

that was badmaddogrex

Check it out!gotglock

cool gamebossgyal

Street Fighter is bad meaning (cool)angel#1

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