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 Street Fighter 2 
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Street Fighter 2

See full instructions inside Street Fighter 2 arcade game.

Play Street Fighter 2 Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
138,442 Plays   4.1 (15 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: None this month
All-Time Highscore: 347,857,304,100

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Comments about Street Fighter 2:

Haha, I fight like a little girl! Two straight KOs, and Game Over. I really have no idea how to play Street Fighter 2 properly. But it gave me a huge laugh, anyway!msidoh

How to playytefh

Yea i did itCharlie nice

i did it i got a trophy see that gamers ur next and i will beat u in a flashbrandonflash44

im like so winning there is nobody 2 challenge mebrandonflash44

hahahahahahahaha i did it again in a flashbrandonflash44

which are the keys to fight back ?Bomber

No matter how many times I do the button combos it is completely random whether or not the special moves work. I can do the same combo over and over and over exactly the same way and at the same speed and about 1/20 times it actually works. :( Other than that, graphics are pretty accurate IMHO and the music is good.Screminmemes

im commin for dat numba 1 spot true brooklyn story CUZ WATS CRACCINCharlie nice

no keys for me can punch or kick?bobskeyboardz

Great game overall. Very good graphics, intense action, and I really loved the music, but I don't appreciate the continious attack glitch(to perform, move to your opponent and hold the light punch button, which is 4), and I agree with Lonny. This version shouldn't allow saved high scorescboy4001

People keep talking about this glitch i wish they would share it! i beat this game 3 time' just auto submits every time at the end when you for the combo glitch, well the only way to do it is IN TRAINING?! as the sheild cuts it out in the real game and regardless any combo takes his life quick.but in training i worked out you hold hey's 4+7 for any combo you want. So what's the do you submit from training? and you carnt play 2 player.Help please someone's gotta challenge ryu...DGG

heu mr ryu2009 if u live n da new york city area we should meet up im da best at any street fighter game dis dnt count n da arcade or ps3 i give u da business true story!Charlie nice

you should try Street Fighter 2. it i so awesome to play.street brawler

I have the first place with a score of: 347,857,304,100 Not meant to be the best, but I'm pretty good at Street Fighter 2, this is just a technique that i have cleverly discovered, but I think this could be considered as a design flaw in the game. This score is not manipulation, it is really true, no cheating, and in my opinion, is a design flaw in the game, selecting a certain player with just a keystroke, you can do very much hit combos. I believe should be corrected this flaw, so this would be more interesting the game and the score just for everyone, but if you understand my tip, at least I would be fairer for all and you can to be the best. Good Luck!ryu2009

1st place score of 250,900 Congratulations! High Score of the Month roberttyler44 your new monthly high score was saved Your new All Time high score was saved 27 min 27 sec THIS IS THE BEST STREET FIGHTER 2 GAME I'VE PLAYED. BALROG IS THE BEST & STRONGEST PUNCHER IN THE GAME. "I'M NUMBER 1!!!"roberttyler44


Woo 500 hit combo!:DDfuzz1987



ahwell at least i made second of this monthinFAMOUS

i tried my best but im in 3rdSTREET FIGHTER KING

bakwas gamecool_heart_baby85

Dude Street Fighter 2 is badass.Fireriku546

On this version theirs a glitch that allows you to cheat , I know it others know it. The glitch allows you to manipulate the score as you can see some one got 70,607,193,500 quite impossible even in the ARCADE version . This version shouldn't allow you to save high scores. MHO. ->"my honest opion".Lonny

Awesome! Best fighting flash game I've played in a LONG time! :)garyoak99

Is the movie based on the game?BlackSabotage100

the graphic are flawles but the actions are not there by defailt you must do a key configuration and even then its very difficult to play!

I AM THE FLYEST{ for those who don't know what that means I'm saying I'm the BEST}St.Louis

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