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 Stretchy Man 
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Stretchy Man

See full instructions inside Stretchy Man arcade game.

Play Stretchy Man Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
14,160 Plays   3.8 (16 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 3,731
All-Time Highscore: 22,390

Recent play by akeo.


Comments about Stretchy Man:

wow! it was so ammmaaaazzzzzzing and awwwwwssssoooommmmmeee i could not belive itbrandonflash44

haha, what a fun game! very simple, with a little strategy needed. TIP: Power ups don't disappear, so don't take them unless you need them. Hearts give you 20hp if I'm not mistaken, so don't waste them too early! Good Luck!Sleep_Hurts


Oh Man! I was doing so godd until two of the enemies went up to me and attacked me at the same time.Man I wish I could play a little bit longer!Oh well who cares anyway?Not Me.ultimate_dragon510

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