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 Mario Ghosthouse 
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Mario Ghosthouse

Help Mario find his way out of the ghost house.

Arrow Keys to move, jump and duck. A to run.

Stare or jump at ghosts to intimidate them.

Play Mario Ghosthouse Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.

Walkthrough for Mario Ghosthouse

Been working on this one for quite a while, glad to finally get it out the door! Many Mario fans recognize Super Mario World as the best Mario game ever. And I agree. My favorite part of SMW were the haunted houses in each of the worlds, because they included lots of hidden stuff, alternate paths, clever puzzles and spooky atmosphere. So, for my first Mario game, I've created a whole game based on the SMW ghost houses. Play Mario Ghosthouse Mario Ghosthouse Walkthru Mario must make it all the way through the haunted house in order to win the game. Players that complete the whole game are awarded a score bonus of 1,000,000,000 points. There are over 20 different rooms in Mario Ghosthouse. Make sure that you are familiar with all the key controls for the game, as Mario will need to use all his skills to win including jumping, ducking and running. Ducking can help Mario squeeze through those tight spots, and running may be needed to complete some jumps and to get Mario away from the ghosts quickly. Beware spoiler alerts follow. In the first room, "Short Hallway", there are three doors that can be found. They will lead to some interesting rooms, but the quickest route through the game is often though the hidden door. Hidden doors are always revealed by collecting all the coins in a room. Be careful not to accidentally enter a door you don't want to use when jumping near it. The up arrow key is used to enter a door. Just stand directly in front of the door and press the up key to go to the next room. In the room "Long Hallway", you have the choice of entering the door on the left, or running the boo buddy gauntlet to the right. You know what to do, make your way though the long hallway and be sure to grab every coin you see on the way. When you finally make it to the right end of the room and collect the last coins, a door will appear. Enter the door. "Ghost of Donkey Kong" will have a familiar layout. Donkey Kong has died, and is now a ghost, but he's up to his same old tricks, only this time he is hurling Eerie's at Mario instead of barrels. Work your way up the platforms avoiding the ghosts. Collect all coins and carefully work your way back down the platforms to the secret door you revealed. Don't forget to use the down arrow to duck to help you though those tight spots. More tips coming soon!

1,111,842 Plays   3.8 (47 Votes)

No highscores for this activity.

Last viewed by Starman.

Comments about Mario Ghosthouse:

oh not very good game :-(Feegee

Scary! Lol!NonsenseFantasy

Finally getting the gist of how this game works - will be back for the gold!neeraffa

its awesome i used to know all the shortcuts (and find a way to do all the rooms in backwards order but since i havent played i in 2 years or so im not good at it any moreSamuel A. Mauldin


The controls are 10000000000% glitchy and the game=TOTAL JANK!Bubba097865

I really enjoyed playing Mario Ghosthouse ~ it's really cool. I'm very impressed Arcade Boss. Thanks for making games that effin rock , pardon my francais =)Emma

I am just starting to learn Mario Ghosthouse~ my score is very low, but it's going to get better everyday =) These games Rock AC is da man!!!!! xxxEmma

Best Mario game I have played for quite a while, you made my day. Terrific job![G]ame[O]v3R

Awesome game ArcadeBoss, by far your best game you have made.Really pleased to have completed the game and gotten the bonus and gold honour medal.A very good challenge to complete. It's all about hidden door's, then in later level's knowing which door's take you where, the last few level's the gold door is not alway's the best option.If i had to offer one thought tho, it could have been better with no option to repeat room's, or if you went in the wrong door completed room's give's no point's.That would offer more comp to clear EVERY level for max point's then it would come down to speed to complete the game and submit. But none the less it's still a great challenge, 800,000 game hit's and not many gamer's have completed it. Get's a firm 5*'s rate from me, highly enjoyable to complete.-White-Wolf-

I am really impressed that this is a game made by arcadeboss. It seems just like a perfect copy to the old SMW from Nintento. If this would be an actual BIG Level in the original SMW it would have been a Highlightlevel, seriously ;) I want to start with game programming and designing as well but I know what really hard piece of work this is... Great Revival of Mario here ^^^Dark~Dragon^

not the funmanganaan

ghost of dk????? forget thisHboy

hate itrevskid

Yesss!, After a long time..., i get gold medal in Mario Ghosthouse. I beat this great game, the best game in Arcade Boss, although this is a very hard game. its has 20 levels. 1.Short Hallway, 2.Ghost Tower, 3.Maze, 4.Pyramids, 5.Long Hallway(This level is hard), 6.Ghost of Donkey Kong, 7.Which Way Out, 8.Big Bod´s Cellar, 9.Boo Buddies(This level is very hard), 10.Connecting Hallway, 11.Fishin´ Boo´s Pyramid, 12.Eerie Hallway, 13.Thing, 14.The Rafters, 15.Pacmansion, 16.Boo Boardwalk, 17.Anteroom, 18.Big Boo´s Treasure, 19.Get me outta here, 20.Freedom. [GMM 100419]ryu2009

This is probably my favorite game on the site, I love the mario games, and I like puzzles to :] Good game Arcadeboss :Dstarman


This game is fun and realy hard.Awesomanly

awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeee gamesupersonic85

This is a really fun game and is alot funner with a joystick and gets boring after a couple of days of playing itkilla2143

not bad...chuger

i hate Mario Ghosthousetono26

this is a realloy coo game but i do wish i had smthingother than the keyboaard to play withgearsman1

they are making fun of Luig's Manchionwer-hog

Good game! I like how AB added the siren sound effect when Big Boo gets close to you! Excellent work; it captured the feel of a Ghosthouse in Super Mario World. :)garyoak99

I am god.TrevorFreakinGriggs

Still easySonicdelta

Very F-U-N!!!!Ominusdude

cool gameFIREBALLL4

nice work i really had fun playing wtgshadowman81

two easySonicdelta

This is a fun game!!!!!Dizzie

Real fun game...Wish I had a joystickjohn9571

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