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 House of Lost Souls 
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House of Lost Souls

Arcade Boss Games presents an adventure of epic proportions. Deep in the Black Forest lives a demon, trapping souls lost in the spirit world in skull coins hidden inside his mansion. Our hero Kobalt must find the coins and set the lost souls free.

Play House of Lost Souls Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.

Walkthrough for House of Lost Souls

Arcade Boss Games presents an adventure of epic proportions. House of Lost Souls Deep in the Black Forest lives a demon, trapping souls lost in the spirit world in skull coins hidden inside his mansion. Our hero Kobalt must find the coins and set the lost souls free. Overview House of Lost Souls is an adventure platformer that takes place inside the mansion of Zebub the Demon. Zebub has been preying on souls lost in the spirit world and holding them trapped inside of coins he places around his house. You are Kobalt, a house sprite, the perfect hero to find the skull coins and set the lost souls free. Start and Controls Click the Start button to get started. The adventure begins in the Foyer of the mansion where you learn the key controls. Learn the controls well, as you will need to fully master all movements including walking, running, jumping and ducking to reach every area. On the right side of the Foyer there are options for changing the key controls from Arrow Keys to WASD, just go through the door below the sign with the key controls you want to use. To go through a door simply stand in front of it and use the jump key, you will then move through to the next room. To mute the game, click the musical note at the bottom right of the game. To take a break, just leave Kobalt in a safe room with no free roaming ghosts, as there is no time limit. Exploring the House Now Kobalt is ready to start exploring Zebub's mansion. Go through the door in the Foyer to find the First Floor Hallway, but watch out because there will be ghosts flying through the air here. Also be sure Kobalt doesn't fall through holes in the floor. Most doors in the house are unlocked, however you may find a few that have been locked using magic. If the color of the lock is red, it means you are not yet able to pass, you will need to find more coins first. If the color of the lock is green, it means you have unlocked the door and may now go through. Some doors are trick doors and don't lead back to where Kobalt came from, but most doors work normally. Some doors also may provide shortcuts between different areas within one room. This is a huge mansion with lots of rooms, you might want to make a map. Finding Coins Coins can be found in almost every room in the house. When you grab a coin, the soul will be freed and ascend to heaven, and your score and coin counter will go up. When all the coins in a specific room are cleared a fanfare will play so you know you've found them all. How many coins are there? Only Zebub knows for sure, but there are over 1,000 skull coins inside the house, each worth 10,000 points. Kobalt Health Kobalt has 10 lives that can be used before the game is over. Each Kobalt life gets two hearts, except the first Kobalt life which gets an extra bonus heart. If Kobalt has two hearts remaining and is hit by an enemy, the heart will appear in the room and float upwards. If Kobalt can reach the heart before it disappears, the heart is restored. If Kobalt is hit by an enemy on his last heart, or if Kobalt falls through the platforms the current life is lost. Keep in mind that ducking not only helps Kobalt squeeze through some tight spots, it also lowers his profile which helps avoid some enemy hits that come from above. Enemies Zebub and his minions will attempt to stop Kobalt from finding the coins. Zebub is big and dangerous and likes to sneak up from behind when Kobalt isn't watching. The Dangler is the ghost of an anglerfish, don't get touched by him or his glowing blue lure. Spookies and the Scream Team perform ghostly patrols all over the house, be constantly on the alert and ready to jump or duck when they are whizzing around. Kookies usually haunt the floor, and can be attacked with a head stomp. And don't forget to watch out for spiders, they bite! Play for highscores and prizes at!

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Comments about House of Lost Souls:

Awesome (and *I* don't use that word lightly!). I'm blown away by this - maybe the 'Perfect Game'!!? Unbelievable quality - kudos to U, AB. :)Eagle_Kiwi

Played House of Lost Souls quite a few times now and i stick by my first rating of 5/5. Well done for this AB - a classic!neeraffa

Great game, fun and entertaining, i found 1,111 Skull Coins until now, but i was looking for by more 1hr and i canīt find the door end. Really this great laberint, i hope to find this door end, to complete House of Lost Souls...LalinGouki

This music is stuck in my head! i had a dream last night that i was in an old haunted mansion and that red guy was after us, i turned my head and he ran and tried to kill me. It was Scooby, Shaggy and I. I woke up super freaked lol this music kept playing! haha i love it!SmokeyQuartz

This is another great addition to ArcadeBoss. Well done making House of Lost Souls AB, it must of taken ages. I'm hoping to eventually collect all of the coins, and complete the game. Good luck everybody! 5/5.Starman

This game is thoroughly enjoyable. It has lots of secret rooms and is fun. Beware of those spiders, they hurt! Great game.Blazed

very good game. . . I love simple yet tricky games and this one is it! Its a great game especially since its an AB original. Thanks ArcadeBoss, House of Lost Souls is a lot of fun!SmokeyQuartz

You're very welcome and thank you kindly also. This site is awesome, I love and it keeps me from being keybored! Haha =-)Emma

Thanks Emma, appreciate it.ArcadeBoss

This game is so fun. I wish I could go back and give it a 5 for a rating~ I rated it after the first time I played, but it's 5 star and 2 thumbs up =)Emma

This is a great game cheers!Emma

Looks like this is a HUGE game! Very impressive! 5/5 :)neeraffa

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