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 Kastle Koins 
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Kastle Koins

Zebub stole Kobaltís magic feathers and took his gold. Help Kobalt reclaim his treasure across 20 courses and a boss battle showdown. Use your keyboard to play this game.

Play Kastle Koins Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
51,174 Plays   4.5 (4 Votes)

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Last viewed by mas5141414.

Comments about Kastle Koins:

Although it was still lagging for me, I managed to get my 65th gold medal and 100th overall medal on this great game. I just hope one day I can play it without it lagging so that I can get further into the game. I know it's my computer causing it and not the game since others like neeraffa had no problem.Destroyer

I got no lag Destroyer.... wonder where this 'secret' is mmmm I will come back and search for it!neeraffa

I like Kastle Koins but it lags sooooo bad! I had 16 lives and I lost most of them because of how slow the game was. I have never played a game that lags this bad. Did anyone else have this problem?Destroyer

A big 'Wink Wink' @ ArcadeBoss, one very lucrative secret to find, very well hidden too - I found it :) - Well done again with Kastle Koins AB, keep them coming.-White-Wolf-

Great game ArcadeBoss - 5*Bafusa

Thanks everyone! Appreciate your feedback and playing it.ArcadeBoss

Great game ArcadeBoss, very creative and well made. Had fun playing through the game. Gold medal is set just right. I loved the Arcade Boss room once you beat Zebug, and the three bonus levels too. Lots of hidden coins and rooms top explore. Your best game yet IMO. @ Nick.P, the game loads a very short while after the white screen. 5* game Well done ArcadeBoss.-White-Wolf-

This game is not loading for me, just comes up with a white blank screenNick.P

Well done AB....I actually completed the game but it did not submit. Nice game with many secrets I can see some high scores too !!rogbow

Good game but unfortunately I'm not that good at these but I will come back and try again since it's a medals game.Destroyer

Really good follow to House of Lost Souls. It seemed the 'ghost' theme had been lost at first but the deeper into the game you get you realize it is still there! Nice to see Zebug there again. 5/5neeraffa

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