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 Scrabble Blast 
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Scrabble Blast

See full instructions inside Scrabble Blast arcade game.

Play Scrabble Blast Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
2,511,495 Plays   4.3 (73 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: None this month
All-Time Highscore: None yet

This game does not count for prizes or contests.

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Recent play by igaseson.


Comments about Scrabble Blast:

I can not open arcade boss scrabble blast can any one help me????maizee

Achieved a new best single board score of 876!!! Words made and points awarded are as follows: NOVAE-88 / TIKE-105 / PHOTO-115 / JIVEY-140 / HYPING-64 / NEED-40 / FIDOS-53 / ROOKY-135 / LUMEN-80 / POXED-56 August 16, 2020 Mr. Pinball The Best In The Business!!!Mr. Pinball

Achieved a best ever single board ten word score of 868!!! The best in the business!!!Mr. Pinball


Achieved a best ever single board score of 851!!! Excellence and perfection personified!!!--May 17, 2020--MR. PINBALLMr. Pinball

I put up an amazing one board score of 805!!!Mr. Pinball

It is fun to get a personal high score in each round. It's as if we are competing with ourselves and doing better than the last set.edewatermom

I would like to know what is the next level called after "wordsmith"? and how many points would you have to score to get to that level?grimm68

This is a fun way to relax.edewatermom

Posted a monster one board score of 763!!! -- May 31, 2019 -- Mr. PinballMr. Pinball

Notched a killer one board score of 717!!! The art of language!!! -- Mr. Pinball -- May 18, 2019Mr. Pinball

Here to proudly announce a single round Scrabble Blast score of 752. Also spelled DOZING for 230 points.--Mr. PinballMr. Pinball

Successfully spelled BOOZING for 210 points!!! My single highest word ever!!! Also notched a single board score of 701!!! Mr. Pinball--April 13, 2019Mr. Pinball

Happy New Year folks!!! Notched a one board score of 708 this fourteenth day of January in the year 2019. Happy playing to all and my deepest thanks to ARCADE BOSS FOR hosting Scrabble Blast. Cheers, Mr. PinballMr. Pinball

Now that was a fun game!easynan

WOW! What a fun game!easynan

Nice game to relax witheasynan

Thoroughly enjoyed this fun game!easynan

still can't get in. should i give up?spreesmom

thanks for changing the month. now can you resolve the problem i have of getting only a little red "x" rather than a game board? i haven't been able to get in for a week! i've tried logging out and back in - no go.spreesmom

I played Scrabble Blast today and scored over 19,000 points. Why doesn't this show up on the scoreboard?grimm68

are we EVER going to move into a new month? it hasn't been updated since june!spreesmom

YAY!!! thank you! :)spreesmom

are you EVER going to change to a new month? please?spreesmom

STENT is a word!spreesmom

oh, HELLO????? it's May 1! :)spreesmom

ummm, april 12?spreesmom

Negro and DROIDS are both words! Done with this fukin game!poefranz

YOK is NOT a word! Yoke is and **** You Arcade Boss is 4 words!!!poefranz

ummmm... february 9th approachethspreesmom

Is the month ever going to advance? Hello?EvangelizeOne

Gonna catch #1IRON PIG59


too easy what theIRON PIG59

I Love This Game!! Huge Hugs!!BaybeeKysses


"realtor" is a word!spreesmom

i'm still having a lot of trouble getting logged in to have my scores show up. every time i finish a game, it zeroes me out and shows a bunch of gobbledy-gook at the top of the screen. i've logged out and back in several times and rebooted my computer, but nothing seems to fix it. is anyone else having any issues? very frustrating!spreesmom

Hi Spreemom. ThanksSilverFox

time played not accuratejeca

nice play, silverfox! i had hoped i'd keep first place for a little bit longer, but it's fun to have some good competition!spreesmom

a quoll is a carnivorous marsupial native to australia and new guinea.spreesmom

pay no attention to the supposed length of time i played... i've been playing off and on for several days! i need a nap.spreesmom

"bonobo" is a type of great ape, similar to a chimpanzee.spreesmom

okay, it seems to be working now. whoever is controlling this site, thanks for fixing the problem. also - could you please add my suggested words? it's frustrating when i try to play a word that i KNOW is real, only to have it rejected by the game. or maybe i shouldn't take this so seriously; after all it is ONLY a game... ;)spreesmom

why do i keep getting a massive error messaage when i try to send a game?i've logged out and in twice, i've shut off m computer and relogged in, but i still see the error screen. frustrating!spreesmom


'cria' is a word. it's a baby llama, alpaca, guanaco or vicuna.spreesmom

"haka" is a word. it's a traditional aboriginal war dance performed by the indigenous people of australia. :)spreesmom

hello? it's february! ;)spreesmom

Never able to get past level 60. Game is rigged.bryebear

is there a problem with Scrabble Blast, like maybe it's been corrupted or something? i've logged in and out several times, but when i try to post my score, i get all kinds of junk script at the top of the screen and no post. very frustrating.spreesmom

well, crap. i just played for about 6 hours and got 26,000 points (more or less), but when i sent my score, it didn't register. i checked to be sure i was logged in before i started playing, too. grrrr.....spreesmom

"pronk" is a word. antelope pronk in front of lions to show how agile and strong they are as a deterrent from getting hunted and eaten!spreesmom

stevedore is a word!spreesmom


so, we skipped march altogether. how does it look for april?spreesmom

This game is BS! I reached round 278 with a 95,716 score and the letters disappeared from the board, not giving me credit for the words. The bomb hit bottom, ending my game. At this stage in the game, I was ranked "WORDSMITH"? Before reaching 30,000 points, it was saying that.poefranz

"DEBTED" is a word. Give me my 42 points!poefranz

are you EVER going to change to march? ~sigh~spreesmom

Allows racist word 'WHITY" but not "NEGRO". Racism is a double standard even on here. What BULLSHIT!poefranz

hey, wake up - it's march 6 already! ;)spreesmom

Bicep IS A WORD! "B" in BICEP is a bomg but Scrabble Blast is rejecting my word. Now I lost my game because I'm posting this comment! Every game I play on here CHEATS in one way or another!poefranz

stent, zootspreesmom

Now I KNOW there was NOT anything near a bomb near the bottom it just suddenly appeared then I knew it was over. GOOD BYE YOU CHEATERS!!!Navigaar

Now I am sure it's rigged.Navigaar

BRUX is a word.Navigaar

I think Scrabble Blast is rigged for mr to fail. I am playing at the same level as I always do and at times I can't get past the bomb.Navigaar

Getting pretty raunchy there.Navigaar

when will you move us into december? :)spreesmom

I was playing one game of Scrabble Blast for 3-4 days. I reached 76,000+ points on level 246, BUT it reached an error and could not save my score! THAT SUCKS!!!poefranz

question - how on earth did someone get 103,000 points in 30 minutes? it's simply not possible. i think i'm a pretty good player, and it took me over a day to get 67,000. is it possible to hack they game?spreesmom

so close, and yet, so far! :)spreesmom

Not a bad word game at all. Kinda fast moving no second board that I've got to. But very fun none the less.GinnyBoyd

spreesmom: yoyo is hyphenated yo-yo :-) Congrats on being #1davidmuleguy


woo-hoo! first time ever! i know it won't last long, but it feels good to be #1!spreesmom


a few words you need to add: blog, bling, zootspreesmom

Scrabble Blast is the game on web!!! Thank You Arcade Boss Nytromaizee

spreesmom: How about re-registering with another user name - you could keep your present one but spell it with a capital S. You may have to use another email address though. Maybe this would cure the problem.davidmuleguy

arrrggghhhh..... i logged out, logged back in, played a few minutes and sent my total to be sure i really was logged in - and nothing came up. i did this three times. why are my scores not registering (not that i want to keep them, but i'm glad i found out before playing for several hours)? you've got some bugs in the system that need killing!spreesmom

i'd like to play, but now it's not registering that i'm logged in. what is going on?spreesmom

Aw, shucks. Don't leave, Mom!davidmuleguy

in fact, i'm deleting arcade boss from my favorites. it's just too frustrating to lose an entire afternoon of playing. i'm gone.spreesmom

okay, now i'm really pissed and i may not come back. i just played for about 7 hours and scored 37,000 points, my highest this month. sent my game score, and nothing happened. i lost my score even after trying to refresh three or four times. i've had it. you've got to fix this problem, or i will not play again. really and truly pissed.spreesmom

nope - i'm good and hooked!spreesmom

Oh, right. That must be very frustrating. I hope it doesn't put you off playing in future :-)davidmuleguy

Until I click the mouse on 'Score', I mean.davidmuleguy

thanks for the response, david. i also use an external mouse and did NOT click to send the word. when i moved the cursor away to clear the field, it sent the three-letter word. this isn't the first time this has happened. there should be a way to fix this glitch or to stop the game from ending by mistake!spreesmom

spreesmom: No, the game accepts the first answer you submit - even if you submit by accident, as you describe. Mousepads can be pretty sensitive, and when you put your finger tip on it to move on to the next letter of the word you are making, you can very easily submit a shorter word (as you described) by accident. I use an external mouse. This avoids that sort of mishap, as my word won't be submitted until I click the mouse.davidmuleguy

is there any way to go back if the game thinks you have finished your word and ends your game? i was well on my way to my best score ever and made an incorrect keystroke that ended my game (i needed a 4-letter word to avoid a bomb and was typing 'gape' but the game ended at 'gap'). REALLY frustrating after playing nearly all day.spreesmom

spreesmom: Yes, the same thing has happened to me. Logged in, but my score - modest, compared to yours :-( - was not recorded when I pressed Send.davidmuleguy

I just played for over three hours, but when I tried to post my score of around 23,000, it came up as 0. I AM logged in, so I don't understand what happened. Has anyone else experienced this frustrating result?spreesmom

keeps me coming back for more. I like it.RollickyRuth

I'm out of practice.JS2083

love Scrabble Blast. Keeps my old brain active and honing spelling skills.petunia75

Agh!.....Please fix Scrabble Blast!... There is no way to save your when my computer loads updates...I lose my score!.. I was 18 thousand++ this time!ashleah2

oh dear not goodFeegee

wahoo my best score yet :-DFeegee

practise makes perfect, i dont think sojaqualine

I'm the new contender te reckon with....goodnight! Till the next time!Elisheva

For those who asked if there was a time limit - look on the left side of the page for "TAGS" and you have 3 options - to choose - if you wish to time it.Auntie M128

wizardly - squinted - pixel - juvenile - raccoon - zealot - quarters - benchesKRS10

what happened to option to shrink or enlarge game to fit your screen. hitmamahitmama


I dop like the play style of Scrabble Blast but the "replace" aor "switch" letter button just makes this such a petinece game. P plyaed for ours and just got bored. I liked it when I did not know about the switch button... :) Or it needs timer or somethingrtkiii

I have had it with this ***** game. I have beaten the high scores more times than i can think.. and " an error has occured ". Fiix the problem or charge to play. I have sent e mails to the site to no avail and no responseSilverFox

can someone please explain to me how the player at #5 racked up so many points in just 30 minutes? how did s/he beat the system? everyone else in that score range played for HOURS. i don't see how it is possible to play the game enough times to come anywhere close that kind of score in a half hour.spreesmom

scrabble blast is by far my favorite game everdaphnelb12

Great game . Highly addictive. It would be nice if they fixed the problem with submitting your scoreSilverFox

since so many of us have a high score problem maybe arcade boss should work on it. Do not give up its frustrating but fun all the sameshenaz

The same thing happens to me. i am going to stop playing the game as much as i enjoy it simply because i have beaten the high score 3 times and when I submit the score here is an eror codeSilverFox

is there a way to prevent words from posting until i physically hit the key to send the word? i often find that when i'm composing a word, the game thinks i'm done if i try to correct a letter (or somehow - i've only been playing for a short while). very annoying, and i've lost a lot of points because of this.spreesmom

Yes I have had a similar experience I scored roughly 100000 after a day and half and I could not register my score. I presumed i had not logged in correctly!shenaz

Can anyone tell me if there is a time limit on the game. I played off and on over a 3 day period. Reached level 399 with a score of around 175,000 When i tried to submit the score an error meaasge came up that I could not. What a waste of the top scoreSilverFox

scrabble blast is the bestmaizee

David you are right. Sometimes I can have quite a roll where the words simply gel so well and a high score is no prob. Frustration is when the combinations are only a set of vowels then i simply bomb myself out without sending. The day I decide to really up my points I more or less stay at home!! Though I feel pretty guilty for having wasted so much time.shenaz

shenaz: Hi. I don't know what my best score is after Level 1. But to score, say, 2,100 points over the first 3 Levels, you'd have to score (an average) of 70 points per word...davidmuleguy

david my highest score is over 46000 but to my knowledge I never scored more than 600 on the 1st level. I usually look out for words with long endings ings io ites they help to increase scores.shenaz

I was hooked onto other scrabble games till I discovered scrabble blast. Now I am constantly trying to better myself. Its hours of pure relaxation.I love it!shenaz

Sally: I can't make it to 2,000 points after 3 levels every time. Having said that, I don't allow myself to use the 'exchange' option when playing to 3 levels...Last Saturday, I improved my all-time best score to 22,204. But I was just entering words as and when I saw them, which I found boring after a while and, not nearly as interesting and challenging as carefully scrutinizing the board for the best value words over 3 levels - and I can usually finish my game in a more reasonable amount of time...davidmuleguy

David, You seem to be better at this than me. I have yet to score 2000 on the first three. My highest score on a single level was 679. My highest total score was 16,000 something. I have yet to try the deluxe version, sounds like it would be fun too.SallyDeanGabelsb

Sally: I love Scrabble Blast too, and I was wondering the same thing as you - about being able to save the game and continue it later. It seems odd that we can't - unless we can, but we just don't know how... My highest score is only 17, 227. It took me hours and hours to score that many points - and then I deliberately let myself get bombed out, to end the game and save my score. I'm sure I could improve on my all-time best score, if only I could save my game, and then come back to it again later... I usually just play the first 3 Levels, and aim to score more than 2, 000. points...davidmuleguy

I l;ove Scrabble Blast. If you ever do put a time limit on each play, I hope there will be a way to save the game. I am the sole care giver for my husband who is ill and I get many interruptions. Are is there a way to save the game and come back and complete it at some other time?SallyDeanGabelsb

Great game. Everything just fell into place.SallyDeanGabelsb

This game is awesome. It might be better if there was a time limit though. Now it becomes a game of attrition instead of vocabulary/skill.Master_Of_Puppets

What's the deal? I scored over 17,000 and still my level is WORDSMITH stating that when I reach 15,000 I will be a Wordsmith? Did they run out of "words" to keep on classifying with ? ;)craftymotherhen

So cool to get to PRO. I'm ready to do MASTER! Playing Scrabble Blasts makes it hard to work on 'cirlce a word' books! Every computer should have Scrabble Blast on it - kids would love learning to spell with Scrabble Blast!craftymotherhen

One of my best pastimes is Scrabble Blast. It really helps me not only learn new vocabulary items, but also refresh my mind list.amaline

i love to play scrabble since i was 10 .. now im sweet 19 lolTinytinkerbell


The best place to play scrabble yet! Just Love it Grey GhostGrey Ghost

Really great game! Very addicive. And much better than the board game.davidmuleguy

One of the best games I have ever played. Can you play with others? How do you compare scores? I am addicted to Scrabble Blast for sureenamayd

Scrabble Blast is so kool...this site let one plays longer each time one is on....thanks !blastoffone

step by step I can improve my score. It actually need my time to practice and to remember word. I hope Ican be the first soon.arekbos

we can play and learn vocabulary of english. especially for me - non englishmanarekbos

I really love playing Scrabble Blast and I love your site. I will be playing on here a lot. Watch out all you scrabble players!!!! mdsuemdsue


never give up the more a person practice the better a person will be in scrabble blastWHISPER13

i love challenges, and now i find myself so hooked on my scrabble blast for hours, the longest time i spent on my scrabble is 12 hours an 45 minutesWHISPER13

scrabble blast is awesome, my kids use this mind game to help learn spelling words. scrabble became our tutor at home, its fun to play an learn at the same time!!!!!!!!!!WHISPER13

we had alot of fun playing Scrabble Blast, we made it to level 29, our all time highest score, it was great.locagirl

Scrabble Blast is one of my favorite games of all time, and I'm glad that Arcade Boss has it.JJenkins

great game....stompa1

this is a coooooooolllllll gameckt1965

I love this one alot. Very challeging and hard. I want to play this one all day long. lots of FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNN N.christie crozier

Omg, Scrabble Blast can be so long. It draws out forever and is so addictive! I must have been playing for three to four hours! And oddly enough it's still better than Bookworm.kakashishigarashi

When you've had enough, click on New Game, then YES to "r u sure u want to quit?" - then fear not, it WILL then offer to submit your score. :-)Eagle_Kiwi

What the instructions DON'T tell you: The number on each Bomb shows the (minimum) length of word required to defuse it. . . . . So for instance if you have a "4" bomb, and use it in a 3-letter word, it won't defuse. BTW, I'm impressed with the vocabulary of Scrabble Blast - it seems right up with "real" Scrabble, knowing words like QAT, QAID, etc. :-)Eagle_Kiwi

always loved scrabble now I dont need to find people to play with lol just go on my puter hahaha.xRainx

hwy want thus game work,,,,,,,,,, erevything spelt funny im not sure hwo 2 raet thus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)ladyluck27

Cool variation on the scrabble concept.Mr Jepps Se

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