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 Skee Ball 
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Skee Ball

See full instructions inside Skee Ball arcade game.

Play Skee Ball Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
1,160,207 Plays   4.4 (194 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: None this month
All-Time Highscore: 3,750

Recent play by emelafac.


Comments about Skee Ball:

Put your cursor either right or left about 4 inches inside the blue part. Put it right in front of the ball and with your hand run your cursor forward with enough speed to put it in the play area. It will take practice to get the right speed down. The only thing I go for is 100"s. but just try to aim your ball for the 100 hole. sax556pinga

the liltle dude in the cape cute... the gators kinda strange but wat ever floats your boat...addicting...pinga

Feel like I'm 8 years old againBigJohn72


Getting least trying to...lolGoofy

great gametdong

reminds me of "back when"my2izopen

Who have high score?tdickensheets



alittle weaklongcar28

The key to Skee Ball is perfectly repetitive hand movement with a lot of practice... Psyche, it's actually the luck of the draw with the colored balls... (that didn't sound right).casinogiant

such an addictive game and the one that brought me here.....I am determined to get that high score one day I swear lolgameaddict

Great and addictive game. Fun and challenging.Skeeball Rules

im really bad at Skee Ballminecraftmaster

20th place ugh! No matter how many times I try Skee Ball I can't get any better at it. I keep trying tho. Every month I try again and every month I do horrible.GinnyBoyd

I absolutely LOVE skeeball. Have been playing it a long time.alavie

Ginny, Put your cursor either right or left about 4 inches inside the blue part. Put it right in front of the ball and with your hand run your cursor forward with enough speed to put it in the play area. It will take practice to get the right speed down. The only thing I go for is 100"s. but just try to aim your ball for the 100 hole. sax556sax556

No matter what I do I can't figure out how to get the ball into the 100 points. I've tried flinging side way and curving it. IDK maybe someday I'll get it outta luck.GinnyBoyd

Man no matter how hard I try I can't hit that 100 points. Ugh it's so frustrating.GinnyBoyd

Will Skee Ball ever get any easier? I play it on this site and other sites day after day and can't seem to get very much better day after day. Hmmmm. Just keep at it I guess.GinnyBoyd

I'm so bad at this ugh!GinnyBoyd

Has to be one of the all time most addicting games of all times. I know I've lost a lot of quarters over my times to Skee Ball.GinnyBoyd

not too bad, but the 100 targets are impossible!RollickyRuth

love playing skee ball whether online or offline- its relaxing and helps release stress. its one of my all time favorite games..piratelady

i love Skee Ball i can play all day...RAERAEBOMB

Hey Guys! I Love This Stuff!Nina7369

This game rules all Bosses over the Arcade kingdom of BossesPIX



Why do people complain about the game in one comment, then talk about how great it is in the next? Confusing..ilovedahvievanity

im getting bettersandra69

I am really trying to get high scores and it is hard but I love Skee Ball so much that I will keep,keeping on trying till I like my score and get into the top 5, I hope that I may accomplish this as long as I keep playing! lovebearwflovebearwf

I love Skee Ball!!!!ilovedahvievanity

Did anyone got all there balls in 100? 900tdickensheets

Classic, never gets old, like me.casinogiant

listing to eazy e playin skee ball ;psquirt


Very relaxing no thinking game. Easy to play and watch the tube at the same time.cberry56

oh hard one suppose practice needed :-DFeegee

how about that one pix?casinogiant

Man how many comments to get the freaking points I need for my dang old tourneys, "more words = More points" bs. Tournies should be free.casinogiant

I love Skee Ball and play it everytime I come to arcade bosscasinogiant

Uhhhhhhhh na na na nacasinogiant

not bad for the 2cnd trycasinogiant

This game is really kool but it's better in real life :cool:thekoolkid

Love <3 Skee Ball- great way to decompress after a tense session of pong or snake...jmb1269

casino, you still blow Skee BallsPIX

I posted a comment but it never showed, so I'll try again. I do not like this game. Before I read the instructions, I scored 410 which isn't great, but now, I cannot get the ball to even make it into the score area. Go

Don't like Skee Ball....cannot get the ball to go into the score area. When I first played, I scored 410 which is not great and that was before I read the instructions for the game. Now, after reading the instructions, I cannot get the ball to go where it is supposed to in order to Go

See....get 150 then 1050 then 500... Never consistantnamtam 1

Never will I get this down on a consistant basisnamtam 1

See....not consistant, but still fun....lolnamtam 1

I will never be consistant with my score. I will never get higher than I do...why if I know this, do I still want to play?????namtam 1

Moving on to embaress myself at another all have a great day and week next safe!!!namtam 1

I GIVE UP AFTER ONE MORE Its addictingnamtam 1

Turns out it was just luck....too bad that luck doesnt work for the move on or try again...namtam 1

Getting better or just lucky???? Since I have nothing but bad luck, maybe im getting better??? Who knows.....not me.namtam 1


Just thought I had the hang of NEVER BRAG TO Little kids can do better than this.namtam 1

etting the hang of it....I think...lolnamtam 1

love skee ball best game everBengal girl84

How high score to get a teddy bear pluch?tdickensheets

But it still cheatscasinogiant

Cheating Azz Gamecasinogiant

I'm not the greatest at Skee Ball but boy is it ever fun!!!jessenr88


i love skee ballsquirt

*.* better den nuthin'squirt


Where's my teddy bear I won?Lol!tdickensheets

Skee ball is one of my favourite arcade games. There's just something about it that's so much fun. As for this online version, it's pretty cool. It's safe to say i'm as terrible as online skee ball as i am int he arcade :P But i had good fun playing it.shonafurey

This Skee Ball game seems to be less difficult than the Arkadium Skee Ball games that I have played at other websites. The 100 point targets are easier to hit, and Skee Ball is more generous with bonus balls and bonus targets. I must have been presented with ten bonus targets in a row when I made the monthly high score.JasonJWB

Pleasantly entertaining for the most part.PIX

A nice combination of skill and luck makes Skee Ball both fun and addictive. It only takes a couple of minutes to complete a round, so this is a good game to play when time is limited. A minor bug sometimes leaves a ghost image of a ball in the bottom of the trough.JasonJWB

How about that crabbycasinogiant

I'm playing at Chuck E. Cheese's! Lol!tdickensheets

Where's my tickets?tdickensheets

I am new to this site and I love this skee ball game it's great fun!!Sandi78

What can I say..There's nothing like playing a great carnival game as this. Always was and always will be one of my fav's.cberry56

This game seems to be one of the more popular games on this site. I llove skee ball, my arm gets real tired but I keep coming back for more.got2win

I love Skee Ball.got2win

Skee Ball is easier in person and you can cheatstumesa

almost hit 400stumesa

i got 730 i am try to beat my ex score he think girls suck at Skee Balls and wouldn't let me play but he got 800 and something so i am aiming for 900 wish me luckPreciousbby

llove Skee Ballcake08

I love playing Skee Ball. It is so far the best version on Skee Ball I have found. I can't get off the computer because I am constantly trying to beat my scores...shari1958

This game is highly addictive and I love it.shari1958

Un jeu gentil et créatif un +merci...encore une fois plus de pratique =meilleur rsulta.bum43

i just score 1,090 yay claps for self. get to 600 and get 3 extra balls and do well with them and it helps you get to higher scoresmajormanafemale

my high score is 800 i average between 200-300 have always loved skee ball this might be hard but its adicting when i hit 700 i thought game was over it gave me 3 bonus ballsmajormanafemale

Is it me or does Skee Ball gets sluggish once I login?I Love Jackie Johnson

i played over an hour and never got above 460... I still day the chance of getting the blue and red ball should be higher because without them you can not have any chance of getting one of the month high scores and wont even reach a third of the all time score which i assume was some how rigged or was made by hacking the game because its not possible otherwise, and I dont know what the point of the credits are I get by writing a review so can somebody tell me.goldmsw

i have played 10 times and scored: 330, 360, 330, 350, 360, 390, 330, 300, 320, and 370... only got 3 blue and 1 red in all 10 games... how can i get more blues and reds????? I guess its a good game. Def best on the site...goldmsw

its impossible to get a good score cauz red/blue r so raregoldmsw

Classic, every arcade has one of these games and it's addicting, especially with head to head tournaments.SouthP

i would love to play war card game on here!! can't find it anywhere else, i prefer to play it here and nowhere elsejoannabryan

love Skee Ballget owned 2day

better then nothing :Dskeeball master

This game is really fun.MarieRagusaWeeks

i just love Skee Ball, if only i were using an i-pod i-touch though!!! :-)jean6942

YAY!!!! My highest score yet. Way to go ME!!!!!!drmgl24

That game was really lousy. I lost my stride real quick.drmgl24

Extremely challenging. When you think you have the right momentum, you find out quickly that you don't. Also, it is very addicting. It is so easy to hit the 'play again' button. But it is loads of fun.drmgl24

Love Skee Ball, Always played it at the arcade.Chris12960

how the hell does someone get 3700 point on Skee Ball! thats nuts!SmokeyQuartz

Im not even getting enough blue and red balls to get a high score...Grrrr,seems like you have to play 100 games before that will happen.lolMetalgirlPlush

I love Skee Ball,I play it on myb and greatdaygames.Im better on it on the other sites.My alltime high is 3,180 on GDG.Goodluck to you all.:)MetalgirlPlush

its okmufc4life

I'm hooked! 1270 is my best and that's just not good enough. Must play more SKEE BALL!almack

Need more cow bell!almack

I f you really like Skee Ball try to break the highscorewysamx

Love Skee Ball *~ChaoticKarma23~*ChaoticKarma23

"This game is very lifelike; The graphics and the audio are awesome and the control is spot-on. Way to put great effort into a game."........TKTumbleKraft

I like Skee Ballwysamx

Sad to say, but I play better in real life =(Greenfox

this damn game, I cant stop playingvpoint1

Skee Ball is addictive once you start its hard to stop especially trying to beat your own scoregamemaster17

much better gamejenni420

i can do betterjenni420

I love Skee Ball. One of my favorite Arcade games! And this is the closest you can get to really standing there and playing. I really like this version, very quick load! and lots of fun!SmokeyQuartz

love itcageykat

this is the best game i have played on this site everRanchoHSMarching

omg this is bestmawmaw

whoo 4070shadow dark blade

woohoo 470 woohoo :Dshadow dark blade

woohoo i got 220 score yes my cool scoreshadow dark blade

Skee Balls phisics is confusing i mean in most skee ball games i play i get alot of 300 but on this one i got mostly 100 its not fairHboy

Very addictive game. I love skee ball.andrewnil

i only hit two one hundreads.shadow 23

this is the only game i play when I come onto this website. I made this account today, too.Blackstar33


Skee ball is awsomelilman3000

This game cheats but it is really fun once you get the hang of itDaleJr88

WWND?? Lol I only got 4k and it says I got 38k?.... Glitch much?astroglide

I give skee ball 3 out of 5 stars. BowserfireBowserfire


Not a bad game, but to me nothing beats the real ski-ball you'd play at an arcade still fun thoughEVIL.ANGEL666

wow!!! 1st time 4 this scorelittle

yyyeeeehhhaaaaa!!!!!! What a Blast!!hoytsmack


gr dang just 110.cannon5555

Fun game once you can control how hard you throw it. Getting a blue and red balls and getting it in the 100 is the key!!!KTWORLD

Hey just wanted to say I really enjoy Skee Ball, I am getting better still not at the top but working on it. Great site have had many hours of fun. sax556sax556

I give this one 5 stars! I find it hard to sotp playing!bigdebbiegirl

fun but hard to control where you throw but other than that i like it 4/5 starsEyanray2k

love it but it still dont beat the real like carni skee ballDEMENTIA

Great to have a classic carnival game on an arcade site. It's very fun to play Skee Ball with a twist, since it is harder on the computer than in real life, and I still need some practice, lolcardinalbird2000

I agree with 46 GoonTrevorFreakinGriggs

kimmyann123 says "It's ok ok just ok."kimmyann123

Awesome game!nicole09

i'm having some trouble the game keeps freezing on me and tell me to refresh. this is hurting my game and i can't hit the 100 pts on the game. i may need to check back to how to aim or play the game. i love Skee Ball so much . i try to find the game in any game room i can or ask the people in the game room to get one or put one in they will make more money that way. when my daughters take the children to chuckie's i tell my daughters "you know where to find me" Yea @ the skee ball i would spend about 50-100 dollars on the game not including what i give the kids and don't forget my own. we act like kids do but we enjoy ourselves and the tickets are for them. thanks and keep on balling.rochelle

it is okchase .m hakala


just joined here love Skee Ball.THANXgeoman3

So i will beat you all down right know!!brenn_an

I just love Skee Ball. I go o the fair every year just to play this, I just can't seem to get a very high score.christie crozier

c'mon Lace we need some competition for the top 3Grolobo3

This is like the best game ever!kakashishigarashi

dont know why Skee Ball dont get any easiercontentloc

just like the old fair rollll uppppcontentloc

It's just like a real game of Skee Ball.Squirtle102

love it but still nothing like the real gamesexy.zombiechick

I must have played Skee Ball 30 times by it's so quick!kakashishigarashi



i love Skee Ball :)funboy280

This is a tough game but love it. Just started playing so now I have a new challenge.sax556



it alright kinda hard thoughHomelessthinker48

omg i didnt know that Skee Balls could be played on the computer this is the best games in the world!!!!!!!!!!maggy

i only had one 10 holeSWAGGMAN STEVIE

I know dey mad I beat dey high score Big Shoutout to dat boy Lace wit da number 1 high score holdin it DOWN on SkeeBall knawtumbout ABNBless

Skeet Shoot
Skeet Shoot

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