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 WRX Skid 
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WRX Skid

See full instructions inside WRX Skid arcade game.

Play WRX Skid Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
25,453 Plays   3.3 (15 Votes)

Monthly Lowscore: 57.165
All-Time Lowscore: 31.518

This game does not count for prizes or contests.

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Recent play by bidc.


Comments about WRX Skid:

I'm not Speed Racer!tdickensheets

WRX Skid is pretty fun..dethnoteemo2

A sequel to WRX Skid exists, Skid WRX v2.0, it has 5 cars and 2 tracks, and it does not seem to tolerate shortcuts... We need that game over here, NOW! :Pmladen

100th of a second off all time! how close can i get!! love WRX Skid i think i can get #1 but another time.highly recommend.DGG

Woot 2nd all time :) Wicked game.DGG

Oh my, thats was sneaky of me to break the record by 1 millisecond! :P But, I'm sure it wont end like this, I enjoy WRX Skid too, so bring it on. Too bad there is no sound and more tracks for this one!mladen

Very fun short racing game, you really have to cut corners tight but not to much otherwise you dont pass the lap! 33.1 for me so far,getting better:) highly recommend.DGG

this is awsome956789956789

It was awsame By ender911ender911

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