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 Mario Rush Arena 
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Mario Rush Arena

See full instructions inside Mario Rush Arena arcade game.

Play Mario Rush Arena Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
328,644 Plays   3.6 (62 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 31,546,368
All-Time Highscore: 63,077,430

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Recent play by PSG 72.


Comments about Mario Rush Arena:

best game everdonnaken15

I probably made the highest jump ever.I was standing on the tower at the left side,jumped up and landed on the head of a brown animal that was falling out of the sky haha! Can't jump any higher than that i guess! lolPSG 72

My best combo was 999,9999 and I can't beat my own score even though I played 10000 times.bhai124

I really stink at Mario Rush Arena because it says sorry we can not sumit this score because i get 0champion

fun and addicting game, esp for those who grew up on the original super mario bros gameironmanchris

TIP: Finally getting a decent score ^.^ 508k for now. Once you get enough enemies on the screen the best thing to do is just keep your finger on the up button so you auto-jump if you hit the ground, then just focus on the top of the screen so you can dodge the raining goombas. ----- I'm not sure if Nookie Wookies tips work for getting to other levels (I can't figure it out) but I sure wish we could play the whole game. Awesome Game!!Sleep_Hurts

yeaah! final combo was 3773. the one before was 771PSG 72

ok Mario Rush Arena is kinda crazy it is also hard to make multiple combonations but it is still kinda fungamemaster17

Mario Rush Arena is really active u have to be really good with the arrows on the keyboard. u do get stuck on Mario Rush Arena but its pretty cool. good luck.TRAV13$A

Nothing else to say.......Kool

Still very, very, very HARD!!!Kool


This game gets hard after a while.Kool

i am terrible at thisgtfive

I got killed right awaygtfive

....keep thinking I'm jumping on their heads and it's killing me =/Greenfox

Control system is too jerky and very small bounce when you land on an enemy.Darkstarsol

i like the game its really good you should make more of these jumping games keep up the good work good job u are really good but i rate it a 5/5 for the good graphics its so good ill play this game everyday for exercise but this should be a famous game good work man hope u make more games like this good job for this exercising gameJames100001

Not good at all. Bad quality, bad graphics.SitemasterKingX

fun game....too bad you can't play the game all the way through and beat bowser, played it on another site and the second level is def more difficult...great game but takes quite a while to get good at itKTWORLD


mario is a pimplil man11

Mario Rush Arena is so addicting! thats why i love Mario Rush Arena!DsHsssssss


so addictive! i wish i could play all day long!bossbowser

i think i need to play Mario Rush Arena a lot..........zafar_vj

Pretty cool, I'm still trying to get past level one! I'll get it soon! =)nicole09

ahhhh....Mario Rush Arena is so addicting but so frustrating at the same is one game on this site i can't seem to get that much better atKTWORLD

niceall * star101

lol nice gamesilentgurl23

I wonder why the longer you survive the more enemmies comeArcademaster101

how do you get passed level one?coolian24

5/20 okRoro1029

it was sweet and im good at itthomas08

im mad toughtoughguy

goes sooooooo slow at 63 millionnookiewookie

get 1k pnts on lvl 1 to get to lvl2, and 1k pnts on lvl 2 for lvl 3.nookiewookie

getting to lvl 2: right click on the game window (for the usual flash menu). on lvl 1, keep this open until you die. a "play again" option will then come up, which you can press to get back to the main menu.nookiewookie

for those of you that have time to waste: tip #2: get to lvl 2 if you want to get into the millions (i dont even think its possible on lvl 1). also, if you get to lvl 2, you have a chance to beat the game, which is kinda funnookiewookie

for those of you that have time to waste: tip #1 (the one that won't get you very far, but its nice to know anyways): when you walk off of something, you get an extra mid air jump.nookiewookie

I think my highest combo was about 4,300 but after about, say, 200,000-300,000 points you don't even have to be at the computer. at this point Mario Rush Arena is a competition to see who has the best computer.nookiewookie

my highest Combo is about 13000, but in an other Forum...Natowest

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