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See full instructions inside Mazen arcade game.

Play Mazen Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
60,249 Plays   2.9 (20 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 12,800
All-Time Highscore: 15,000

This game does not count for prizes or contests.

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Recent play by bidc.


Comments about Mazen:

good game if the jump button worked decently,I killed myself trying to work with it for too long. 2 starsreganz


good game but the jumping was a bit offawesomeness

DEVASTATED!!! what can I say, battled to beat the top score, and only equalled it, cos that is the highest score u can get, lolJulie

Woot-Woot after many play's finally got the #1 all time and with a time under 10 minute's..under one minute level's:) i actually think this is one of the best platform game's.I have really enjoyed playing the two tournaments,this one + last month..and with this i should win them both. Highly addictive skill game,finally had a next to flawless game.DGG

Had another attempt got 15 minutes:) Would like to get in top 3 so will come back and try for 12 minutes! gr8 game.DGG

Good game managed to finish it.Would have been great if you complete the game you get 15k plus the live's you had left, i had 12 live's so i would score 15012,would make for much better scoring instead of 90% of people getting 15k.anyways pretty nice game,control's are a bit weird,jumping feel's unnatural.Rated 3*'sDGG

this stinkspinky101

The controls of Mazen are so bad it hurt my hand to just to control that little dinosaur thing. Definitely a bad game in that field.Ernie

Seems like the only effort put into this game was in the fire effect. It was a cool effect, but next time, more effort should be put into the bad handling of the game.Ernie

Fun game! I'm glad none of the expert platform players are here yet! ;)garyoak99

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