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See full instructions inside Goldyard arcade game.

Play Goldyard Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
26,479 Plays   3.6 (16 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 1,500
All-Time Highscore: 7,300

This game does not count for prizes or contests.

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Recent play by bidc.


Comments about Goldyard:

I'll never get past the three gates !!! and I need that key !!!Bomber

Goldyard loaded fine for me on the FIRST try! No reloading the page was necessary either! :)garyoak99

Make sure you're plenty awake when trying to play Goldyard! The unorthodox controls are half of the challenge of this colorful game but in no way do they take anything away from the smooth game play and puzzling levels. This one will take me a while to earn some medals :)Sleep_Hurts

Coolio game complete with 81% health.If i played again i think i could get 100, i got caught on one gate.Not the easiest Gold medal to get but there are much harder ones than this.Recommend a play.DGG

Cool game i guess, i completed it but getting gold is fustrating you need to collect everything + have 70% health left + you gotta pass through those gates like 10 time's and getting hit by them takes life very quick.Fun well made game overall, rated 3 *'s.Max point's is 6,300 + 10 point's for every health point,100 = 1000.DGG

I sure do wish you could customize the controls, it makes me mad lol. I'll get use to it though. I like the creepy music. I see im gonna have to practice this a little bit more. Man I hate those skulls, they drain your power potion fast.EmC2Games

Aw! :( First, this is kinda "Sequel" or "Prequel" to Pharao's Tomb. Second, I made it out, but dead. Third, is Goldyard too hard.Arriator

awesome game awesome game awesome game cool colol cool cool cool coolc collcpokey4ed2

not a bad game but the controls could be a bit easier to use and you could give the player a weapon to fight with it would make the game so much better.aussie557

a very hard game who ever made it made a very stupid game my maximum score is 1200 the name of Goldyard should be death yard.Hasnain

Goldyard is hardgolddragon king

This looks like a classy little game. :-)Eagle_Kiwi

I get it! Goldyard is a cross between the words gold and graveyard! ;)garyoak99

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