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See full instructions inside Snake arcade game.

Eat the apples and don't hit the walls.... or yourself.

Controls: Eat all of the apples.

Play Snake Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
48,056 Plays   3.4 (41 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 510
All-Time Highscore: 9,561

This game does not count for prizes or contests.

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Recent play by sax556.


Comments about Snake:

Snakes don't eat apples! My snakes are eating mice, hamsters, bunnies and any other animals they can catch.poefranz

Really fun- wish there was a bigger screen option...jmb1269

classic game,its always fun to play this game once or twice now and then when looking for something retro to do.reganz

Snake is ok but the worst part is how small of an area you have to move is which makes is very challenger.yoshie

Ah, Snake. We meet again, old friend.Mamoo

Not bad...TASOS131313

Why 0 can not be saved???TASOS131313

It's in python.That's why because my score is too slow(9,075 points are in WORM mode)...TASOS131313

Man, Snake is HARD! But, at least I had fun though. At least I had tried to get into first place, but at least I had fun.CrimsonAngel

I remember this back in the day, I use to always play this on the old school computer. Same game different decade lol. Still what a classic.EmC2Games

Back on top yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! !! Man Snake can get addicting, always has been.RealGENIUS

Classic Snake at it's best, I remember Snake on the 1st apple CPU's in the 3rd grade lol. I finally got the ALL TIME SCORE! Pwnage lol. =) GG! -RealGenius-RealGENIUS

Woop woop, 1st place:)thebluesamurai

D'oh !catwin_xp

AWESOME! I got 1st place in slug & I just got 1st place in worm, all in a day's work, lol.nicole09

WOOHOO! I finally got first place!nicole09

FUN, I'm still trying to get first place!nicole09

This game is old school! I love it, can't get enough!nicole09

ii luv thiisz game szo much hopefully ii'll fiinally get a hiigher scoreMrszLexii

this is just a classic game and im really not good at classic games but i still came in third ( :malygos7


This is a great game from way back in the day. I have always enjoyed this game, just wish I could get a better score, but my fingers don't move as fast as they used to.sax556

omg. i luv Snake.*alecia*

This game is cool and its clasic I like itDark Arcade

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