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See full instructions inside Ztar arcade game.

Play Ztar Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
141,174 Plays   3.7 (67 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 212,815
All-Time Highscore: 360,571

This game does not count for prizes or contests.

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Comments about Ztar:

and now I improved my score, yes...020510dekriz

whoaw what a game is this. I really like this kind of games. This is the kind of game that I can play all evening and all night. Better than Ztar 2. ..020510dekriz

Not since the early days of tetris have I been so hooked on a video game. when I was a young man and worked in a game room there were no video games, just pinball. Now I love my video games but sadly Pinball seems to be pushed out and I can only seem to find them in bars and pool halls.doobiebrother420

Gotta love this place if you have time to kill you cant do better this.doobiebrother420

cant get enough of this sweet stuff };o )Boogerman

Great game, sure to be a classic.Boogerman

Cant---stop------playing---gotta love it };o )Boogerman

so hooked on this 1 }:o )Boogerman

fun but spilled my javareganz

simple but addictive game .. I just took the gold medal but I will try to improve my scoreFullmoon

Most addictive puzzle game on here in my opinion. I like how it's centered around combo scoring with the stars, gives it a nice challenge.DissonantMuse

I think it's just luckcradpsu1

Who have high score?tdickensheets

Oh my starsBoogerman

good work because i not only have beaten my score of the month but also i have beaten my all time record for Ztar.020510dekriz

almost but I keep trying020510dekriz

better and better but still no good my score. I ll keep on practice to improve . Wait and see.020510dekriz

what a good game. Ill do some practice and then I improve for sure my score and my ranking i suppose.020510dekriz

This game jerks my junk!! ~Almack~ If I don't have the high score on a game you have played then that game blows. Thanks for reading my words and remember to floss after gargling my goo ds.almack

Extremely simple.....Extremely addictive....Julie

How do you use the power ball or get it?annehyde

this one confused me at first, but once i got the hang of it, it was okSmokeyQuartz

Its hard but i got the 5th placewysamx

This game is straight up generic plain and simple. 4 Stars pffffftttt.RealGENIUS

Great game to play with my 7 year old son. How do I get better than 37th place? Any winning tips?hoop2cool

love the game but is there any logic to high score or just luck...stormy7472

This is one highly addictive game. Best way to describe it is a cross between Bejeweled and Tetris Attack/Puzzle League, in time attack mode.soultaker777

i like Ztar but im to slowbarbara

This is a really fun and addicting game. I could play it all day, and still not be tired of it. It is great, and strategy is definitely very important.agent16041

Very addicting, I better play as much as I can before my college classes start!nicole09

Marvellous game Id like to play it much but ı can not beat the high score....:((tgbsiv

nice game but it should be more exiting and glitterysilentgurl23

I like Ztar... Of course I prefer this type because I dont have to be super fast... I am a sr lady of 64. I have tremers that make my hands shake. I can control the mouse well enough to handle this type of game. BTW. I have never seen Ztar on any other website.bluecarnation200

hi ricktracibabb


Awsomely addictive, wish Ztar came out sooner and where can I buy it?Boogerman

Ztar 2
Ztar 2

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