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See full instructions inside Starball arcade game.

Play Starball Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
31,091 Plays   4.2 (33 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: None this month
All-Time Highscore: 287,860

This game does not count for prizes or contests.

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Comments about Starball:

watch where you place your mouse. fall out of frame/screen platform don't move. would be nice to use your own keyboard arrow keys and mouse to shoot.Lonny

bad score for first place,awesome game though,the best breakout game ive played so far.reganz


I love starball! It takes everything i love from arkanoid and makes it a little more easy to play so you can actually advance in levels! This is a great game and if you make it larger it has great graphics and it doesnt slow the ball down at all. I love all the extra balls and power ups, just be careful of those bombs that take a life!!SmokeyQuartz

lol just beat the high score :D yayMarieRagusaWeeks

Good game but fustrating learning what the powerups are theres a few that kill you which i think is bad as you only get 3 lives!DGG

Its a fun game, but I know I'll do better when I have a mouse to use. I'll have to play it elsewhere.thestorm529

getting easier it is.. much easier than the others lolroseanne01

ooooohhh finallly one i can play.. keep my eyes on the ball lol. yup faster you clear it the more points you get.. isnt it?roseanne01

now this is a game of my speed!!! I havent gotten to the second level yet but at least my eyes can follow the ball lol!roseanne01

not a bad game, but little bit 2 fast !!prince1999

gREAT gAME !Wickuzo

This game is crazy, it's is cool and it is fun, but it is crazy and fast paced. It is also highly addicting.nowurmessingwith

Indeed! I always thought that people would keep that secret to themselves though! ;)garyoak99

I have played a lot of breakout games but this is a little different but I like it. You need to have a good mouse, mine keeps losing the arrow.sax556

har har har har secret to getting more pnts than seems possible: keep hitting at the unbreakable bars. this gives pnts, & the ball sometimes gets stuck for tons of easy pnts.nookiewookie

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