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 Red Plane 2 
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Red Plane 2

The exciting sequel to the original Red Plane game from Arcade List. Move with arrrow keys: <- ^ v -> Fire with J Bomb with K

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14,349 Plays   4.0 (15 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 344,840
All-Time Highscore: 344,840

Recent play by Bafusa.


Comments about Red Plane 2:

To make things slightly easier after the first stage when choosing a weapon power up - highlight a power up you can afford but then choose 'no' then with all your money buy 'bombs'. When you start the next level you will have however many bombs you bought AND the weapon power up you chose! ;)neeraffa

awesome game. relaxing and fun to play.BeaRs0fWaR

Eureka!, until i beat the ThingThingīs score in the game Red Plane 2 with 1138 days on held, Red Plane 2 is easy but the techique to make points is very hard. TIP: you try to get the max coins and buy the weapon that has iman and in airplane level shoot to small airplanes stand shooting to the small planes only, and do it for long time as it is possible, avoiding all the bullets, itīs hard to make. [GMM 101119]LalinGouki

I played Red Plane 2 dozens of times and refused to quit and finally reached 100,000 points for my 48th gold medal! It was a very tough challenge but in the end, I won.Destroyer

Wicked game, very hard to achieve Gold honour medal but really stoked to have just done it.My advice is LV one collect as many coins as possible while still destroying as many enemies, you should get 2500-3000 coin's.Try + get 3k coin's on LV 1 + LV 2, so you can buy the 3k power upgrade for both LV 2 + 3.Buy the 3k power on the top line.LV 3 there is alot of enemies so good point's can be made, but you need as strong as possible power.With decent dodge em skill's you should finsh with alot of life's, i had 14 left + i bought none.I only bought the 3k bonus twice.Pretty good well made game, a touch short 3 LV's.Rated 4*'s from me, a challenge but once you understand the basic's like i have shared 100k will be your's.-White-Wolf-

Leaving On A JET PLANE DONT KNOW IF I'LL BE B A C K AGAIN~!!!warrantted

bEAT THAT !warrantted

I agree with the other two comments; VERY fun! :)garyoak99

hehehehhe Red Plane 2 is fungnome

I just love Red Plane 2 it's soo awesome, It's like Ikaruga or better said, radiant silver gun <3RED Belmont456

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