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 Avatar Arena 
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Avatar Arena

See full instructions inside Avatar Arena arcade game.

Play Avatar Arena Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
50,775 Plays   3.7 (10 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 314,398
All-Time Highscore: 17,787,610

Recent play by bidc.


Comments about Avatar Arena:

I like the theme song of the start game very much and Avatar Arena is the one of the best games , that`s my opinion :D.Jay.Zmash

fun game once you get the hang of it as white wolf says you can submit once you defeat the last one just don't hit space after you defeat him make sure and click submit. If you hit space after defeating the last one you can not submit score.rogbow


@ Sleep_Hurts, I saw your review on the forum page, In response ... Yes you can complete the last level, I've finished Avatar Arena several time's, Straght after the last level it give's you the option to send your score or restart. Hope that help's.-White-Wolf-

Do you need to send your score before you win the last fighter? My score isn't showing up =/Sleep_Hurts

This game is SO boring! Just keep tapping the spacebar to win (yawn)neeraffa

if you played super smash bros brawl and did button mashing with his blaster you will do a hole bunch of damege with a water bendercoolkevin

That game waz like sooo easy! i play it all the time in!I actually won 4th place!Although #9 was really hard i beat him but i got tired of the game after fighting himMileyJC6

hey this is my second time playing avatar my favorite is air benderFenuss Phoenix

it is and still is an awesome game to play but challenging!crazyman

it was very good feelingprateek1001

Now I remember why I like Avatar flash games so much! ;)garyoak99

Avatar Star Sue
Avatar Star Sue

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