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 Castle Wolfenstein 
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Castle Wolfenstein

See full instructions inside Castle Wolfenstein arcade game.

Kinda like doom!

Play Castle Wolfenstein Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.

This game also known as: Castle Wolfenstien 3D
87,384 Plays   4.4 (11 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 61,200
All-Time Highscore: 1,084,600

Recent play by Lonny.


Comments about Castle Wolfenstein:

Hello, is it possible to save the game? Thanks!miss_sky

the father of all first person shooter. excellent!blackadder

I'm new here. Is there any way to save a game?Gr8fulTim

i win agian like alwayskillerz20

good game, okay :-)Bafusa

This is an old school game! Glad to see it on the site!winningchic

I knew I shouldn't have stopped to eat an apple and a Mandarin orange while I was playing! ;)garyoak99

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