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See full instructions inside Shift arcade game.

Play Shift Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
14,772 Plays   4.3 (8 Votes)

Monthly Lowscore: 0
All-Time Lowscore: 0

Recent play by akeo.


Comments about Shift:

Haha! "The timer is a lie!" +1 for the Portal reference :-) Cleverly thought-out game, though.msidoh

i cant get past the 2nd level! lmaoSmokeyQuartz

Gr8 game have played and completed all shify games.this one is by far the easiest,got #1 2nd try here,have done alot vetter than my current score but it was really just a warm up6,500.can give link to where highscore page that shows me 5900 :) that very hard to get tho.awesome range of games these.DGG

I like Shift a lot, once you figure out the levels it's pretty much easy from then on. 5 stars for Shift IMHO.AngelicHumanForce

Aeolus Shift
Aeolus Shift
Shifting Castle
Shifting Castle

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