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See full instructions inside Planarity arcade game.

Play Planarity Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
9,077 Plays   3.5 (15 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 1,165
All-Time Highscore: 1,677,696,567

Recent play by Bafusa.


Comments about Planarity:

3 years later, newer larger computer:- Adobe script warnings now start in Level 12 (400,000) then by Level 14 (1.6mill.) are intolerable. This game is fun, but a dangerous Resource Hog!Eagle_Kiwi

Well yes its a good game but later levels it gets very crampt, you need more play area! and it must get even worse later on,time comsuming but easy once you work out the best solution,but yea still hard and challenging,wanted more room.rated 4*'sDGG

I really like Planarity. Its fun. It is kind of hard but i like it. I ask my self ''How can you get over 20,000,000?" thats a really high score.jose70cougar

"Adobe Flash: A script is causing Flash to run slowly. Do u want to abort script - Y/N?" - I guess this means the heavy processing needed is slowing your puter - but - I suggest don't abort the script or you may lose your game. Persevere - with patience! (I get this message first around Level 14, then every 15secs during long calculations thereafter). And the final play on Level 19 took 90secs processing. I need a faster puter!Eagle_Kiwi

Used to make MY head hurt, but today I stumbled on a new approach that makes sense of it all. :-) :-) But gee, Level 13 onward had my laptop going veeeery sluggish, lagging on every move, and taking about 7 seconds each move just to figure if I'd completed the round or not! (But hey, I've only 1.5GB RAM ;-))Eagle_Kiwi

Planarity makes my head hurtdarkangel20

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