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 Sonic Rival Dash 
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Sonic Rival Dash

See full instructions inside Sonic Rival Dash arcade game.

Play Sonic Rival Dash Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
381,153 Plays   4.0 (36 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: None this month
All-Time Highscore: 3,160

Recent play by Nanaonly17.


Comments about Sonic Rival Dash:

I think this ios the best score i will get on Sonic Rival Dash you have to nifty with your fingers and watch the clock as you get deducted points for being too slow :-DFeegee

improvement on last attempt :-DFeegee

oohhh might be getting the hang of this lolFeegee


Man it doesnt work for me at all:(VK_King_

yawn Boring!TigerKid2127

Pretty basic game, I would of liked to see levels but I'm alright without.Love Buzz

whenever i play this it doesnt work.. everything is fine till it comes to actually running sonic just stays still while i press buttons,i can still hear sounds wen i press buttons but nothing happens this happen for any1 else or is it only me..? =SCDSONIC01

Sonic Rival Dash suppose to have a 2 player mode on other websites it got the 2 player mode (player 1 is sonic and player 2 is shadow)michael1414

this is too easykira10

you can get Sonic Rival Dash on PSP but theres more characters on itdragonz95

i just frgot about time and went ofor coinschris101

"Hail 2 the king baby!"Sonic2010

i love Sonic Rival Dash so much 5/5mario360

should make REAL 2pshadow5614



It looks fun but its notsoniclover90

how do you play and select gamesoniclover90

every thing rules about Sonic Rival Dashshilvic

i like that game so muchashutosh

it was relly cool i luved itnaruto619

Sonic Rival Dash is soooooooo cool I want it sooooo bad, but I don't have a wii.Hmmmmmmmm... Does it have a DS verstion, if it does... poof.sonicgirl

I'll give myself a prrrrrooooomootiooonn!!!DXsonic

Yippie ciyahe momasita you broadacdeit

an ok gameali-anna

how do you get shadow!?!slash the hedghog

all you have to is be real slow and gat the ringsdebo

cool game but i just gotta learn how to playlitwest

Sonic Rival Dash is very very funsaber

I didn't like it!!! Sucks to play... I recommend u switch the buttons to the space bar and arrow keys :Pnumba1chump

Sonic Rival Dash is ok but i suck at it!! i donno how i got 4th place then 8th the next time... people must play it a loti-love-pink

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