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 Q-Bert 2004 
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Q-Bert 2004

It's an updated version of Qbert.

Play Q-Bert 2004 Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
75,960 Plays   3.7 (22 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 326,250
All-Time Highscore: 1,728,655

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Recent play by Ramfree.


Comments about Q-Bert 2004:

Fun game! ... to prevent it from getting "stuck" at the end of a round, use up all of the ... teleport platforms ... of the one-time use variety. Each layout has a unique strategy, and it took a while to figure them all out.Ramfree

It's good to be on top for a while. This game can get pretty wild at times.trekmind

Getting better and better every time I play Q-Bert 2004. This game has some serious glitches that need to be fix. All your hard work can go down the drain when the game freezes and all it keeps giving you is fake points and you can't play anymore.trekmind

Way better than the Original.trekmind

He is in Wreck-It Ralah.tdickensheets

wow what a messed up game :) ;) :( :D :Pgtms games

I love Q-Bert 2004 and with the new boards is more cool than ever.dalmatadaysi

I actually like Q-Bert 2004. The different boards make it a cool game.Blazed

Q-bert rocksEmma

game does not start for me ... just has sony pageDelilah

This game is cool! It glitched on the level 3 when you play SPACE. You get a lot of points in that glitch!veronicarevenco

this is assome play Q-Bert 2004 or you are dumngtms games

how to start it ? :(catwin_xp

i remember y i got rid of qbert for my other systemskilla2143

I like Q-Bert 2004 and i came 1stClassic Nz

Now I remember why I hated playing Q-Bert in the past; this feels like an updated Q-Bert alright!garyoak99


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