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 Flushed Away: Sewer Ball Pinball 
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Flushed Away: Sewer Ball Pinball

See full instructions inside Flushed Away: Sewer Ball Pinball arcade game.

Pinball from the movie Flushed Away!

Play pinball and score big points!

Play Flushed Away: Sewer Ball Pinball Free Online at Arcade Boss Games.
30,630 Plays   3.8 (22 Votes)

Monthly Highscore: 4,945,000
All-Time Highscore: 270,180,000

Recent play by LalinGouki.


Comments about Flushed Away: Sewer Ball Pinball:

I am so mad I have stickey keys shortcut on I keep getting riggedhoop2cool

garyoak yes .. I have problems with the buttons on the left and right .. :-(Fullmoon

Anyone else suddenly regret having the sticky keys shortcut on? ;)garyoak99

Fast game... tilt tilt tilt... \m/ GBIG-G

This game would be a lot easier if the controls for the flippers were the left and right arrow keys. We should at least be able to choose what keys we use.Ernie

GOOD GAMEkimmyann123

this is a really good pinball game the road to paris i thought was hard to get into but really good pinball game with the mini games i like shoot the ice michinemrg7698

This is the hardest pinball game I've ever played...But it is also fun to try and master !!Y.Bazz

Is it just me ? The Right Flipper sometimes - quite often - goes dead (always at inopportune moments, of course ;) ) - Nothin' wrong with my fingers or my CTRL key ..... Bummer. :-[Eagle_Kiwi

This game I reallt like. It"s kinda hard but fun. It reminds me of when I use to skip school and go to the arcade and played pinball all afternoon.christie crozier


only a matter of time before that all time high score is minekiwifootsouljahz

I just wanted to defend my all time high score by finishing first this month too. :)garyoak99

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